Shoes to wear with a lace wedding dress

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 16 2020

Shoes to wear with a lace wedding dress


Lace has always been popular for wedding dresses but in recent years has gone from strength to strength and there are so many different varieties to choose from. From delicate French lace to Chantilly lace, embroidered and brocade the list is endless. So what shoes should you wear with a lace wedding dress? Today we explore our top three looks to compliment a lace gown...

1. Vintage

There is something undeniably timeless about lace, even when it's used on a more modern gown so it works beautifully if you pick this up in your accessories. As you may know, here at Rachel Simpson we're huge fans of t-bars and one of the reasons is that they work perfectly for a slightly vintage look which is great to wear with a lace dress. 

Mimi (pictured above) is the oldest remaining style in our collection, having been around since the very first collection. It's classic combination of ivory satin with antique gold trim is the ideal match for a lace wedding dress as it has a vintage look and a gorgeous warm tone from the gold. 

Another great shoe to wear with a lace wedding dress is our 1920s inspired Ginger. Available in either gold or silver leather, the twenties style design works perfectly against lace of any design.

 Rachel Simpson Ginger gold shoes to wear with a lace wedding dress

Your dress might not be full lace as above, rather just a lace bodice- either way our Ginger shoe works beautifully

2. Clean lines

As lace is very intricate it's nice to keep your shoes relatively understated so they provide an elegant backdrop for your dress rather than trying to compete for attention. Clean lines, smooth leather (or suede) and metallic details all work beautifully.

Cecelia is fairly new to the RS collection but is fast becoming a real favourite. This is one of very few shoes in what we call 'ivory white', which is a little brighter than our standard ivory leather and contrasts gorgeously with the gold teardrop shapes. Cecelia works really well against soft lace as you can see...

Rachel Simpson Cecelia wedding shoes to wear with lace wedding dress

RS bride Nadine looked stunning in her Cecelia shoes- click here to see her beautiful wedding to Sinan. Photo credit- Rebecca Conte

For similar reasons, Rosita is a stunning shoe to wear with your lace gown. With similar gold leather appliqués but this time on a softer ivory suede, she has an air of vintage but isn't too fussy a design- perfect against any kind of lace.

Rachel Simpson Rosita shoes to wear with a lace wedding dress

3. Pastel colours

Soft pretty colours work so well with a lace wedding dress. Rather than trying to match the colour of the lace perfectly (which can be tricky), if you go for a pastel colour it provides a really beautiful backdrop which subtly shows through the fabric. There is also something a little vintage about mint green, blush pink and soft blues which compliments the slightly classic feel of lace perfectly.

Mimosa in mint green worn with a lace wedding dress is a beautiful thing. We've styled it in photoshoots, seen it on Pinterest and many of our gorgeous brides. So don't just take our word for it, this combination just works.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa mint wedding shoes to wear with lace dress

We loved Isadora when she launched in rose quartz glitter, but when we then introduced the dusky blue version our love was even bigger! Dusky blue just works so well with lace whether your look is vintage, boho or modern. 

 Rachel Simpson Isadora blue shoes to wear with lace wedding dress

I love a lace wedding dress so whatever shoes you decide to go for I know you'll look incredible. Don't forget to send us your photos!


Rachel x

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