Should you wear Closed Toe or Peep Toe Shoes?

Heather Mills

Posted on May 31 2019

Should you wear Closed Toe or Peep Toe Shoes?


Everyone wants to find their dream shoes for their wedding. With so much choice out there it's difficult to work out what shoes would work best for you. A question we get asked a lot is, what's best closed toe or peep toe shoes? So we're here to let you know if closed toe or peep toe shoes are best to carry you down the aisle.

Closed Toe Shoes

Outdoor wedding

If your wedding is outdoors you may want to consider closed toe shoes to protect your feet from the weather and keep you slightly warmer (especially if your wedding is in the UK)! Our closed toe shoes are also more of a full shoe, so if you are nervous about walking in heels or aren't used to heels they might be a better option for you.

Slim Feet

If you have slim fit feet, closed toe shoes may fit you a lot better than peep toe shoes. As the front of the shoe will hug your feet making them a snugger fit, so you won't feel like your feet are falling through the shoe.

Did you know? In some countries, it's tradition to wear closed toe wedding shoes as it's believed if you wear open toe all your money will fall out your shoes!

See a selection of our closed toe wedding shoes below. 

Gardenia II

Closed toe wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson Closed toe Wedding shoesClosed toe blue wedding shoes

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Mary Jane Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson Closed Toe Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson Gold Closed toe shoes

Rachel Simpson Glitter Closed toe shoes

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Peep toe Shoes

Vintage design

In our collection lots of our styles have a peep toe design and that's not by accident. Peep toe's look very flattering on your feet and have that beautiful vintage aesthetic that Rachel Simpson shoes are famous for. 

Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you might find that peep toe shoes will fit your feet better. Due to the front of the shoe being more open, it gives your feet more room, therefore, making the shoe a lot more comfortable! Which is a definite plus if you are planning to spend 12+ hours in them.

See below for a selection of our peep toe wedding shoes. 


Rachel Simpson Peep Toe Mimosa Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson Peep Toe Mimosa Wedding Shoes

Click here to shop Mimosa


Rachel Simpson Wedding Shoes Peep Toe Amalia

Rachel Simoson Peep toe Amalia Wedding Shoes

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Rachel Simpson Wedding Shoe Peep toes Isabelle

Rachel Simpson Wedding Shoes Peep Toe Isabelle


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We hope this blog brings you one step closer to finding your dream shoes. If you need more help with choosing your wedding shoes, check out our other blogs here.

Speak soon,

Heather x

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