Sole Destroying- how to remove the protective film

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 29 2018

Peeling off protective film from soles


We get a lot of emails from customers who are panicking that the soles of their shoes are coming off! Don't worry- this is definitely not the case. Our shoes are made with a leather sole, so we send them to you covered with a transparent protective film. Once you are 100% happy that you want to keep the shoes, simply peel off the film to reveal the brushed leather sole underneath.

Keep the protective film on when trying on the shoe, and make sure you try them on on a soft carpet, so you don't damage the soft soles. Then if they're not what you're looking for, or don't fit you can return them to us with no problem. Please don't remove the film until you know you're definitely keeping the shoes, as once this is removed the shoes are non-returnable.

As we use a natural leather rather than a synthetic sole, the shoes might look a little more worn than you're used to after you've worn them. Don't worry- this is perfectly normal and the shoes are just as hard wearing.

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