Sparkle and shine in silver wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 02 2020

Sparkle and shine in silver wedding shoes


On Sunday we shared our love of gold wedding shoes, so it's only fair that we don't forget our similar love of their silver counterparts. There is something equally stunning and glamorous about silver, but they definitely give a different feel- so why go for silver wedding shoes?

1. They have a timeless elegance

Silver wedding shoes give an undeniably timeless look which is super elegant. I would say silver is a little more traditional than gold, so having your shoes this colours gives a truly beautiful, classic bridal look. Traditionally jewellery was always silver- pearls and silver are a classic bridal combination- and you still find this a lot within bridal jewellery trends. And of course it's gorgeous when you match your shoes perfectly with your accessories.

Rachel Simpson Ginger silver wedding shoes

Photo- Amy Woolerton, who wore Ginger in silver with Sparkle shoe clips

2. They compliment lots of beaded & embellished dresses

A lot of heavily beaded and embellished wedding dresses work particularly well with silver wedding shoes because they have a silvery tone running through the beadwork. Swarovski crystals and diamanté also have a silver appearance so if you've got a lot of sparkle in your dress, silver wedding shoes are the perfect choice as they compliment the sparkle and really echo the theme of your dress as you walk (and dance the night away too of course!).

Rachel Simpson Mimosa blue and silver wedding shoes

Photo: David Maury Photography of RS Bride Ellen's wedding day

3. Silver goes with pretty much anything

Metallic shoes make the perfect wedding shoes because of their versatility. As people look more and more for shoes they can wear again after their wedding, rather than going for the traditional dye-to-match satin option brides are looking for shoes which are naturally versatile instead. 

Both silver and gold (as well as the wide range of metallic shades including pewter, bronze, champagne..the list goes on) are wonderfully versatile so you can wear them with pretty much any colour and every shade of ivory. 

Rachel Simpson Isabelle ivory and silver wedding shoes

4. They suit most skin tones

Continuing the versatility benefits, metallic shoes are also great because they compliment pretty much any skin tone. On lighter skin tones particularly, silver can be a bit more flattering than pure ivory. At Rachel Simpson many of our ivory shoes have a metallic highlight rather than being fully ivory, as this adds a bit of contrast to the shoe and creates a bit more of a feature of the details.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia vintage silver wedding shoes

5. Silver shoes are a great go-to party shoe

After the wedding, be that at your honeymoon, at a friend's party or just for a night out, you can't go wrong with a pair of classic silver heels. Match them up with some sparkly earrings and a pair of skinny jeans and you'll feel instantly glam!

 Rachel Simpson Ginger silver party shoes

 At the moment we actually don't have many purely silver shoes in the collection, but many of our ivory shoes have beautiful silver trim- you can check them out by clicking here.


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