Sparkly wedding shoes for the bride

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 20 2020

Sparkly wedding shoes for the bride


What makes a really beautiful pair of sparkly wedding shoes and just why do we love them so much? These are the important questions for today's blog and one's we're only too happy to answer- we love a bit of sparkle!

Princess Vibes

There is something undeniably 'princess' about sparkly shoes and deep down I think there's a bit of princess in us all when we get married. Whether it's full on Disney or more subtle most of us want to feel like a princess on our wedding day (whether we want to admit it or not!). Or maybe it's more Disney than we care to admit, and ever since we read about Cinderella's glass slipper as children we've carried the idea of sparkly shoes being the key to happiness?

Rachel Simpson Mimosa sparkly wedding shoes

Catch the Light

Maybe I'm reading far to much into the reason we all love sparkly wedding shoes. Perhaps it's simply because, well- they're amazing! It's almost breath taking the way they catch the light when you walk and they definitely add another dimension to your outfit as they peep out from underneath your dress. 

Rachel Simpson sparkly wedding shoes

Versatile Tones

I also think it's to do with colour, or rather tone. Although you can obviously get sparkly shoes in bold colours (I mean who can forget Dorothy's red slippers?), when it comes to sparkly wedding shoes these tend to be in more tonal shades of gold, silver and all the metallics in between. A good glitter will pick up and refract the light, giving the shoe a truly dazzling look which is difficult to define as a definite colour and this makes them wonderfully versatile to match a wide variety of dresses.

Rachel Simpson Candyfloss sparkly wedding shoes

Once in a Lifetime

Lastly, and perhaps the main reason we love sparkly wedding shoes is just because they feel so undeniably special. It's not like we wear glittery shoes in our every day life, strutting onto the tube on a Monday morning in a pair of sparkly heels, and there's not that many occasions we would. But there isn't a more special, once in a lifetime occasion than your wedding day so it's stands to reason we want to make the most of it and wear a pair of once in a lifetime shoes.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa sparkly wedding shoes

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Rachel x

Rachel Simpson sparkly wedding shoes 

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