Spotlight on Dotty Taylor Bridal, Huddersfield

Rachel Standley

Posted on April 20 2019

Spotlight on Dotty Taylor Bridal, Huddersfield

Here at Rachel Simpson we are really fortunate to work with some absolutely amazing stockists all around the world. One of them is a fantastic bridal boutique in Huddersfield in the UK- introducing Dotty Bridal!

I asked the team at Dotty to tell us a little bit about their boutique, where it all began and what a bride to be could expect when they visited......

Says owner Shannon, "Dotty Bridal is an award winning bridal boutique, which sets itself above the rest like no other bridal boutique. We are so incredibly proud of our 5* ratings and recommendations from our lovely customers, which makes us all love what we do and provide even more. We strive to provide a first class service and experience, which makes Dotty the highly sought after with so many brides."

When designing the boutique and branding, Dotty's wanted it to feel welcoming and luxurious without being overwhelming or pretentious. They invested a lot of time curating a boutique where the bride and her guests feel comfortable and at home. Adds Shannon, "I’m never one to follow the norm and that was the last thing I wanted for the boutique. I wanted to create a whole different perception of bridal moving away from the stuffy feel that many refer to when asked about bridal boutiques. We go above and beyond for our customers, offering a more personal shopper approach rather than just a try and buy style of service."

Dotty Taylor Bridal Boutique

All of Dotty Taylor's bridal consultants are highly trained, coming from many backgrounds such as large high street retailers and well know London design studios, so they're all highly qualified to offer style advice! They can help brides with which shapes and silhouettes flatter their figure, what colours complement their skin tone-  everything right down to what underwear is best for the brides specific needs.

We also had to ask the obvious- who is Dotty Taylor? Shannon explains, "Dorothy Taylor was my Great Great Grandmother an amazing women who unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting. Grandma Dorothy was such a strong woman with no fears and a big kid at heart. Always knitting, sewing or cooking the way we all imagine a good old-fashioned grandma to be. Together Grandma Dorothy and Grandad Willie ran the local grocers shop for a number of year selling everything you can imagine, in the days before the supermarkets and she always had a story to tell. So it only felt right to continue on that story in the hope that I can be as strong and successful as my dearly loved Grandma Dorothy." What an adorable story behind such a gorgeous brand!

The next question I put to the team was why they chose to stock the Rachel Simpson brand in their beautiful boutique? The answer- "we like to offer our brides the best"!

Shannon continues, "...the best customer service and the best brands. Brides want to feel amazing and have a bit of luxury on their day. It's the one day brides invest a lot into choosing everything to look and feel so perfect. It wasn't a hard decision to stock only the best shoes for our brides by the incredible Rachel Simpson. Brides fall in love with the Rachel Simpson design and style of shoes we offer. Rachel Simpson shoes are one of the most Googled, pinned and sought after shoes in the world of brides. Highly recognisable to the most savvy of brides, they ooze style with their signature vintage shoe designs. So distinct and known for their comfort and elegance, perfect for any bride."

Dotty Taylor Bridal Boutique

Of course I had to ask them what their favourite shoe was from the Rachel Simpson collection and I wasn't at all shocked by their response because everybody loves it.......

" Our favourite shoe in the collection is the Mimosa- the most iconic shoe within the collection. Known for its comfort, elegance and vintage style, it's easily recognisable to most brides who just cant help saying "Hey I'm wearing Rachel Simpson!" 

Rachel Simpson Mimosa wedding shoes

I'll be back soon to tell you all about another of our amazing stockists, but in the meantime why not check out Dotty Taylor or click here to find your closest? 

Rachel (there are two of us!) x

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