Spring Summer- Dusky Blue & Gold Shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on February 13 2020

Spring Summer- Dusky Blue & Gold Shoes

I'm rather excited about part two of my introduction to the new Spring Summer collection, because it means I get to talk about our brand new colour, dusky blue! And why am I so excited about a colour you ask? Well it could just be because it was one of my own wedding colours, and today I get to talk to you about the shoes I wore too- yay! 

We've obviously had blue in the collection pretty much since the beginning, with pale blue wedding shoes, royal blue shoes, powder blue and sky blue...however this particular shade of blue is a new addition. Meet dusky blue.

Blue is a classic wedding colour but also has a fashion edge- not least since Pantone nominated Classic Blue as it's colour of the year 2020

Rachel Simpson Isadora dusky blue wedding shoes


Okay, sorrynotsorry but I'm going to start with my own wedding shoes. We first launched Isadora as part of our Autumn Winter 2019 collection, in rose quartz glitter. She was soon a hit and we were excited to launch her in a new colour for the Spring Summer collection. I actually hadn't decided which shoes I was going to wear for my wedding, when I visited our factory to go through new samples. As soon as I saw the new sample of Isadora in dusky blue I knew they were the ones! 

Isadora is a very signature Rachel Simpson shoe, with a recognisable art deco fan motif on either side. This is highlighted in metallic gold leather which works so, so beautifully against the dusky blue suede which is, quite frankly, divine ;) What's great is that Isadora also has a cute little ankle strap and a gorgeous little low heel so they really couldn't be more comfortable- I wore mine until about 3am! (If you fancy reading about my wedding, take a look here).

Rachel Simpson Stephanie dusky blue pointed wedding shoes


This next style is a little bit different for us, although it's still very obviously a Rachel Simpson shoe. What makes it different? Maybe the pointed shape, as we're probably more known for our peep toes or certainly a more rounded closed toe. I've wanted to add some more points to the collection for a while now, but you have to be careful they're the right ones (and I'm really fussy about the perfect point!). Originally Stephanie was designed as a classic slingback, but I later added the ankle strap so it still looks like a slingback, but is a lot more secure. I know some people can't wear slingbacks and they find that the strap slips off, so this way you get the look of a slingback without having to worry about that!

On the front of the shoe is a gorgeous design of interlocking panels in dusky blue suede, each one with metallic gold leather outlining the gorgeous shape. The design gives it our recognisable vintage edge, but on a more modern shape and on trend kitten heel it's the perfect all rounder (and looks amazing with jeans, trust me!).


I talked about our stunning new clutch bag, Sabine last week- it's a style we love so much we're launched her in three different colours! Sabine in dusky blue suede is quite simply to die for- the stunning suede really shows off the quilted stitch detail in the pattern, and contrasts perfectly with the metallic gold binding. Another great thing about Sabine is her size- she's a little larger than some of our other clutches, so if you don't travel light on a night out, like me, this is the bag for you!

Rachel Simpson Sabine dusky blue clutch bag

So what do you think of our new blue? I'd love to know if you've got blue in your wedding colours- drop me a comment below or on social :) I'll be back next week talking about classic ivory & gold- it's a timeless but beautiful combination.

Until then you can have a little look around the new collection here- hope you love it.


Rachel x

Rachel Simpson blue wedding shoes

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