Style it Like Downton- Vintage Hair Ideas

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 06 2019

Style it Like Downton- Vintage Hair Ideas


Downton Abbey hairstyle vintage wedding inspiration

Downton Abbey hairstyle vintage wedding inspiration

With the launch of the hotly anticipate Downton Abbey movie only a week away, we wanted to revisit one of our all time favourite shows and share a few tips on vintage styling. Over the coming week we'll be showing you how to Style it Like Downton in three stages- hair inspo, gowns and flowers and of course, shoes and accessories. Whether you want a full blown vintage inspired wedding, or just want to pick some elegant, timeless features, hopefully this little series will give you a few ideas.

We all know that if you're having a good hair day, generally a good day will follow. Probably not a definite science, but we like to think that a top notch barnet is a rather good place to start for a vintage wedding look. A quick google of 'Downton Abbey hairstyles' comes up with almost 1.4 million results so it looks as though we're not the only ones who love this era for it's stunning, elegant up dos.

Mid-Length Hair

Lady Edith Downton Abbey Hairstyle

Photo: PBS

One of the easiest ways to get an instant twenties feel is to add some soft finger waves at the front of your hair (or you can use straighteners if it's easier, just be careful not to overcurl!), as shown perfectly in the above photo of Lady Edith. Soft waves subtly frame your face and instantly create a really romantic look- obviously perfect for wedding hair! Once you've created a soft curl throughout your hair, use bobby pins and a small amount of product to twist and pin sections of your hair to create a low bun. Now we're not going to go into a detailed step by step how to, but there are loads of great tutorials if you have a little look!

Long Hair

Lady Sybil Downton Abbey hairstyle

Photo: PBS

Another iconic look from the series is Lady Sybil's soft, low rolled hair which is perfect for those blessed with long, thick hair. If you're hair isn't a thick as you like there are loads of great volumising products around which will give you a helping hand. Alternatively you can use a curling wand or your trusty straighteners to create some large curls before you start to style. The great thing about this kind of up do is that it's relatively easy to recreate, as you just start at the front, rolling sections of hair away from your face and back, picking up more sections as you go.

For a really great step by step, we love this easy tutorial by Beauty Beacons of Fiction- click here to have a go!

Short Hair

Lady Mary Downton Abbey bob haircut

For those with shorter locks, there is perhaps no better era than the twenties- enter the timeless and ever-chic bob. Contrary to popular belief that it's a one look style, there are actually loads of ways you can style this classic cut. To get Lady Mary's super sleek look you just need a really good blow dry, pulling sections down firmly as you go and keeping the nozzle close to the hair to really smooth the surface. Finish with a small amount of product, such as a smoothing serum or light paste, depending on your hair type. This is the perfect style for one of our favourite bridal accessories too- hair jewellery! We'll be exploring this in more detail in later in our Downton series.

Of course if you don't want such an overtly iconic twenties look, simply add a bit of a wave like actress Michelle Dockery below:

Michelle Dockery Lady Mary Downton Abbey

As we said, there are so many ideas online- these are just a few of our key looks. If you want to get that Downton Abbey vintage hair vibe why not have a look and take a couple of your favourite images to your hair trial? But remember to bear in mind the kind of hair you have and to be realistic! If you have long curly tresses, a sleek bob probably isn't achievable but you could get the perfect twenties vibe with some soft waves or pin curls. We rather love the below look by Nicola Honey Artistry too, who's one of the RS Photoshoot dream team! Click here to check out some of her other hair looks- she's the queen of vintage wedding hair! Her tips? "Curl the hair all the same way , curling in rows, brush out with a big paddle brush . Keep the makeup fresh and simple". Thanks Nicky!

Nicola Honey Artistry vintage wedding hair

We'd love to hear how you're planning to wear your hair for the big day, and whether you'll be channelling one of the Downton ladies! 

We'll see you in the queue for popcorn next Friday, and in the meantime don't forget to stay tuned for more Downton Abbey vintage wedding inspiration in the coming week! And if you can't wait that long, click here to check out this week's Wedding Wednesday- the gorgeous vintage relaxed wedding of Claire & Adrian, absolutely stunning, congrats guys!

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