The Accessory Edit- Wedding Hair Inspiration

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 01 2019

The Accessory Edit- Wedding Hair Inspiration

When you're getting married there are so many things to think about, and one rather important consideration is how you're going to wear your hair. Do you go up, down or half up? Curly, straight, wavy? To a certain extent how you style your hair can be determined by your dress- for example if your dress features beautiful back detail and you have long hair, you may want to wear it up to show that off. Or if you have a strapless dress you may want to soften the lines a little by wearing your hair down. 

It's not just about your dress though of course, and today we wanted to talk about what to do with your hair, as well as showing you the best accessories to match with each style.

How do you normally wear your hair? It's a cliche, but the most important thing when you get married is that you feel like you. Not an idea of what a bride should be, but pure, unadulterated you. So if you tend to wear your hair down all the time, or casually up maybe don't suddenly walk down the aisle in a tight chignon! Likewise if your style is pretty chic and styled, it might not work to suddenly arrive with huge boho curls? Be yourself always.

When do you feel most attractive? Sometimes people say things like 'oh, I love you hair, you should wear it down more often', but I know for myself I tend to feel nicer when my hair is up. On the odd occasion it behaves I'll wear it down but on the whole I feel most confident when my hair is up- I just like the way it feels. So go with your gut on this one, not what other people think.

What look are you after? This is where your hair accessories come in. Perhaps you have your heart set on a huge flower crown, or you know you want a sparkly hair vine- what you choose will, to some extent, determine the hairstyle. Here are a few ideas...

Soft Boho Curls

Wear with a delicate hair vine, tucked into a little plait at the back. 

Bridal wedding hair inspiration

Rachel Simpson Odette gold vintage hairvine

Comb It Up

A classic bridal up do is finished perfectly with a pretty structured haircomb. Depending on the hair style, tuck it into the top of a loose bun, or nestle it into the side of a chignon.

Bridal wedding hair up do hair pins hair inspiration

Rachel Simpson Mimosa gold vintage hair comb


Pretty Little Pins

A half up do looks beautiful dotted with sparkling hair pins. Or why not wear a loose bun pins tucked in?

Bridal wedding hair pins hair inspiration

Rachel Simpson Fern gold vintage hairpins

Click here to take a look at our beautiful handmade range of hair accessories. Each one has been designed exclusively to compliment our collection.

Most importantly, have fun planning your wedding hair!

Rachel x 

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