The craftsmanship behind our shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 07 2020

The craftsmanship behind our shoes


There's a lot that goes into how we make our shoes, and it's something we're more than a little passionate about. Our shoes are all made in the traditional way by an amazing team of skilled craftsmen and women in our factory in Alicante, Spain.

After we've done our bit and created the new designs, there are a number of important factors which go into making the shoes themselves to ensure they feel every bit as good as they look...

The perfect fit

Once we’ve designed each shoe it’s in the expert hands of our pattern cutters to create the perfect fit. Pattern cutting is an incredibly skilled job requiring unique attention to detail, and it can sometimes take two or three prototypes before we’re 100% happy with the fit. This means our shoes don’t just look amazing, they feel it too.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa shoe making

Piece by piece

Known for their intricate design, there can be as many as fifty or more individual pieces which go into each pair of Rachel Simpson shoes. Whilst some are cut using specially made knives, many are still cut by hand. This is a very important part of the process to make the most efficient use of each piece of leather and cut down on any necessary waste.

Rachel Simpson handmade shoes

It’s all in the detail

Every single pair of shoes is individually stitched together on a machine, which takes skilful guidance, extensive experience and an acute eye for detail. You can see this in the intricate stitching and delicate binding often featured within a Rachel Simpson shoe which an automated machine simply couldn’t do.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa comfy wedding shoes

The comfort factor

We use only the highest grade leathers, suedes and fabrics in all our shoes and bags, and most are sourced locally to our factories in Spain. This means our shoes not only look really special, they feel it too and because the soft leather gives to the shape of your foot, the more the wear them the comfier they become.

Rachel Simpson shoe lasts shoe sizes

Size matters

All Rachel Simpson shoes come in European sizes 35 to 43- the equivalent of 2 to 9 in UK sizes. People are often pleasantly surprised by this as you don’t often find such a wide size range on the high street anymore, but we want everyone to be able to have beautiful shoes- whatever their size.

Click here to see more behind the scenes at our factory and meet some of the amazing people we work with in our short film. 


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