The Embellishment Edit- Shoeclips and Sparkle

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 30 2019

The Embellishment Edit- Shoeclips and Sparkle


When we first launched the brand we didn’t do any embellishment, and to this day it’s not really something we’re known for. Our signature style is more about the shapes and materials of the shoe itself, such as Mimosa’s petals or Isabelle’s art deco inspired fan shape.

However, there are times in life when you need a bit of sparkle and a few years later we recognised that some brides loved our shoes but did want just that. And so it was we introduced our capsule range of handmade shoe clips, in collaboration with British accessory brand, Laurel Lime.

The wonderful thing about shoeclips is that you can get two different looks out of the same pair of shoes. So you can wear them all day and night for your wedding and after the big day wear the shoes without, for a completely different look. Or if you’re looking to go more boho/ relaxed during the day you could wear the shoes on their own, before adding a bit of sparkle for a more glam evening vibe. And of course, you don’t have to wear them just on RS shoes- other shoes are available apparently- why not wear them to dress up an old pair of favourites, or even as a brooch on a dress strap or clutch bag?

Take a look at our short film for more inspiration on how to style shoe clips:

Just Add Sparkle | Introduction To Shoe Clips from Rachel Simpson on Vimeo. 

Click here to take a look at our full range of sparkling shoe clips.

Occasionally we do also launch embellished styles, although not that often, so when we do they really are something special. We don’t want to simply buy cheap trims from anywhere and stick them on our shoes, as that goes against our handmade ethos. Instead we prefer to collaborate with accessory makers, who we work closely with to specially develop custom trims for each individual style.

This is perfectly demonstrated by a small family of shoes and matching accessories we introduced to the collection last year- meet Amalia, Ana, Amalia Crown and Fern Hairclips. 


Available in three beautiful colours, Amalia is a true showstopper of a shoe. Crafted in the softest blush, cornflower blue or mint suede, the shoe has a gold leather t-bar and ankle strap to keep you secure all day and night. There is a stunning handmade trim on the front of the shoe, made from a combination of marquise shaped diamante and tiny little gold plated leaves- all twined together with delicate twisted gold wire. Every embellishment is hand made by award winning accessories brand Laurel Lime, and is like a beautiful piece of jewellery in it’s own right.

Rachel Simpson Amalia pastel wedding shoes


The closed toe sister of Amalia, Ana manages to be elegantly classic and a little bit different all at the same time. Made from soft ivory suede, the gold leather t-bar compliments the sparkling handmade trim beautifully, creating a subtle but striking twinkle as you walk. Ana works really well as a classic bridal shoe, but the embellishment means it’s far from boring, and adds a really nice feature peeking out from under your dress. Being a t-bar, it’s a wonderfully comfortable shoe too as you can just buckle them up and you know you’ll be supported all day.

 Rachel SImpson Ana ivory wedding t-bar shoes

Amalia Crown

If there’s ever an occasion a girl can wear a crown it’s on her wedding day right? Once we’d created the Amalia and Ana shoes, we wanted a statement piece which would be their perfect partner. We hadn’t done a tiara before and wanted a slightly larger piece than our hairvines and hairpins, and so the Amalia Crown was born. An impressive combination of marquis diamante, pearls, delicate gold leaves and twisted gold wire, the way it catches the light really does need to be seen to be believed.


Fern Hairpins

For a softer, more boho look we’d recommend our lovely Fern Hairpins- available in either silver or gold. What really makes these hairpins stand out is the intricately cut metallic leaves- we love the way they bend and curve, creating a feeling of movement in the hair. You can wear each pin individually, dotted throughout the hair in a half-up style. Alternatively the pins can be worn together in a cluster to create more of a hair comb or placement style piece piece. You can even combine more than one set to create a real statement look- the possibilities are endless.

We work really closely with Becky from Laurel Lime, who designs all our accessories exclusively for our collection, as well as running her own award winning accessory brand! Each trim, shoeclip and hair accessory is skilfully crafted by hand and the results speak for themselves.

Click here to check out our full range of hair accessories. Many of them are currently in our big summer sale, now's the time to shop. Don't forget we're here if you need any styling advice, just drop us a message, email or call and we're always happy to help :)

Rachel x

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