The Handbag Edit- The Perfect Accompaniment

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 31 2019

The Handbag Edit- The Perfect Accompaniment


Do you need a bag for the wedding as a bride? It's a question we get asked a lot. In all honesty it's unlikely you'll use a bag on the big day as you'll most likely have a bouquet to hold and don't want anything to worry about. You don't need much- no money (other people will get you drinks), no phone (try not to be distracted, be in the moment), perhaps a lippy top up or some powder to stop the shine, but your bridesmaid should be able to look after that for you. That's not to day you can't have a bag with you of course, just make sure you've nominated someone to look after it for you.

Although you don't necessarily need it for the wedding, because you can wear our shoes again after the wedding we'd always recommend getting the matching bag when you get the shoes. When you wear your shoes again for your anniversary or a friend's wedding, you'll definitely need a bag and you don't want to risk there being none available, as collections do change. Our bags make lovely gifts actually, so you could always forward this blog to your husband/ wife to be of course...#weddingpresent ;)

So which bag? Most of our shoes have at least one bag to match- quite often there's a specific style which echoes the shoe, but we also have a few classic staples in base colours such as gold, silver and ivory if you want an even more versatile option. All our bags have a detachable chain so you can hold them as a clutch or wear them over your shoulder (a little later on when you need to get on that dancefloor!).

Rachel Simpson Zahara polka dot clutch bag

We work with four main shapes- envelope, box, shell and soft structure- and carefully select the right one to match the character of each shoe. For example Ada is a really vintage style shoe, so we designed a super cute vintage inspired shell shaped bag called Agatha to match. Trixie-Belle (above) has a more modern feel so box bag Zahara is the perfect accompaniment.

So today we thought we'd give you a quick guide to our different handbag shapes.

Envelope Clutch 

Perhaps the most classic handbag option for a special occasion, the envelope clutch is a rectangular shape which obviously get their name from the foldover flap, which fastens with a strong magnetic clasp to keep all your possession securely inside. Ours measure a little under 30cm across and are the perfect size to hold everything- phone, money, tissues and top up make up.

Rachel Simpson Iona art deco style bag


Our most vintage inspired shape, there is something inherently adorable about a little shell bag. It's pretty self explanatory where it gets its name from, and size wise it's one of the smaller options of the collection. You can still get what you need inside such as your phone, money and lippy, but if you're usually more of a kitchen sink kind of person you'll have to be a little more selective! Shell bags tend to fasten with a vintage style kiss lock, which closes with a satisfying 'click'.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia blue wedding shoes Mia vintage clutch bag

Soft Structure

Our soft structure bags are exactly that- beautifully soft to hold due to their slightly less structured construction. They're lovely to hold and the leather is buttery soft. Often they're a little larger than the other shapes so can hold a little bit more. We tend to use this shape for our really romantic shoes, such as our floral styles Gabriella and Lola-Rose.

Rachel Simpson ivory wedding bags


A more modern style and the newest addition to the collection, we're a little bit in love with our stunning box bags. They're made on a metal frame with fabric in the middle, which gives them a really structured appearance. Size wise they're similar to the shell shape and a little smaller than the envelope or soft structure, but they still hold the essentials. And these showstoppers are pretty much guaranteed to get compliments!

 Rachel Simpson Coco gold clutch bag Zadie gold floral wedding shoes

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