The Making of Mimosa Emerald- Meet the Maker, Laurel Lime

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 27 2021

The Making of Mimosa Emerald- Meet the Maker, Laurel Lime


Today we catch up with Becky from Laurel Lime, the designer maker behind our very special new addition to the Mimosa family. Mimosa Emerald combines the beauty of our iconic Mimosa forest green with Becky's incredible handcrafted embellishment.

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and your brand, Laurel Lime.

A: I’m Becky and I started Laurel Lime back in 2007. I wanted a brand that would reflect my paired back, simple style of jewellery and ultimately, be inspired by the women I work with. It was important to keep handmade at the core of my business.  Every single piece, whether bespoke or part of a collection, is sketched, designed and made by me.

 Becky from Laurel Lime bridal accessories

Q: So how did the collaboration with Rachel Simpson come about?

A:  I have been very privileged to be involved with co-designing some shoe embellishments with Rachel over the last 12 years. So, when Rachel came to me with an idea for this new shoe, I could not wait to get my hands on this gorgeous Mimosa Emerald.  Once we put our heads together, the design came to life.

Q: Why do you think the two brands work so well together?

A:  I think that both our brands have a similar philosophy that ‘less is more’, and we are both very bride led which has led to our accessories and shoes being very comfortable and wearable.  It’s lovely that many Rachel Simpson brides also come to me for their accessories.

Laurel Lime handmade wedding accessories

Q: Mimosa Emerald is such a unique show stopper, how did you come up with the intricate design?

A:  As with all my designs, I begin with the materials.  Rachel lent me the Mimosa Forest shoes and I started with pulling out all the materials I felt I wanted to work with.  Once I had the emerald Swarovski crystals in place and working with the backdrop of the gorgeous teardrop fan shaped cut, the rest seemed to fall in to place.

 Rachel Simpson Laurel Lime Mimosa Emerald embellished green wedding shoes

Q: Can you describe the stunning mix of stones and beads that you’ve used?

A:  Naturally I couldn’t make the Mimosa Emerald without Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. I love the depth of colour that Swarovski crystals give you, and the buttery lustre of real pearls. Coupled with the versatility of glass pearls and the understated sparkle of Czech crystal diamante, I felt I had all I needed for the perfect finish.

Q: How long does it take you to make a pair of Mimosa Emerald?

A: I have to start with dividing out each section of the fan shape ready. Then adding each of stones starting with the Swarovski and working out, I hand stitch every single pearl and crystal in to place. So many hours go in to each shoe, and there are two! 

Click on the video below to get an idea of just how long it takes! 


 Q: If you could embellish another Rachel Simpson shoe, which one would you choose?

A: Ooh, I would love to work with Amber.  I love a good flat, and Rachel Simpson flats are just gorgeous.

Thanks Becky!

Click here to see the stunning Mimosa Emerald- we are most definitely in love! 

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