The perfect shoes for a civil ceremony

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 14 2020

The perfect shoes for a civil ceremony

Dress- Eliza Jane Howell | Shoes- Rachel Simpson | Headdress- Hermione Harbutt | Bag- Rachel Simpson

With all the changes brought about by recent events, many people may now be looking to a smaller civil ceremony rather than the big lavish wedding. This means they can get married with no further delay and don't have to wait until the restrictions on guest numbers are lifted, and of course they can always have the big reception party at a later date! Of course many people are choosing to wait and we totally get that too- you have to do what's best for you at the end of the day. 

Today I wanted to look at style ideas for a civil ceremony and of course the shoes to match. With many people going for the 'marry now, party later' option it seems the perfect opportunity to go for one outfit for the civil ceremony and one for the big wedding! Perhaps I was bucking the trend last year as that's exactly what I did, although there was less than 24 hours between our civil ceremony and our wedding (I can't believe it's almost been a year already!).

For our civil ceremony I wore a simple tailored column dress from French Connection which I teamed with a gorgeous vintage style beaded bolero from New York brand, Lotus Threads. It felt like a slightly pared down but super elegant look and was perfect for the low key pub meal we went to afterwards with our families. Shoe wise I wore Ginger in gold leather- one of my all time favourite Rachel Simpson styles. Ginger's vintage twenties style was perfect with the bolero and the gold leather added the right amount of glam and complimented my stunning Laurel Lime hairline perfectly. They were the perfect day-to-evening shoe- bridal but not too bridal if that makes sense!

Rachel Simpson Ginger gold wedding shoes

Dress- French Connection | Beaded bolero- Lotus Threads | Shoes- Rachel Simpson | Headdress- Laurel Lime

Ultimately you can wear whatever you like for a civil ceremony- it is simply a nonreligious, legal marriage ceremony presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one. It can be short, sweet and understated or you can make it more of a lengthy event and that's the beauty- the choice is yours and you can style your look accordingly.

Here are a few of our favourite shoes for a civil ceremony, but we'd love to see how you styled yours...

Rachel Simpson Giselle rose gold wedding shoes

Dress- Charlie Brear | Shoes- Rachel Simpson | Shoe clips- Rachel Simpson | Bouquet- Weddings & Events

Rachel Simpson Margaux blush pink wedding shoes

Shoes- Rachel Simpson | Dress- Rembo Styling | Bag- Rachel Simpson 

Good luck with the wedding planning, and don't forget there's loads more advice and inspiration on the blog!


Rachel x

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