The Popularity of Colourful Wedding Shoes

Branwen Cook

Posted on December 14 2017

The Popularity of Colourful Wedding Shoes

‘They’re not very traditional’, said lots of mothers of lots of brides a few years ago. We’d watch in frustration as brides fell in love with a pair of mint green wedding shoes (still one of our far and away best selling colours), only to be put off by their traditional ivory-satin-loving mothers. And it’s not that we don’t like tradition (I mean hell, we never put the milk in after the tea), it’s just we’ve never understood why brides have to follow such a set path when choosing their wedding shoes, rather than just being themselves. But with over 50% of our brides now choosing coloured wedding shoes, when did it become okay to cast tradition aside?

There’s no doubt Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and The City Movie, as if we need to credit?) and her cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik’s had a lot to do with the rise of the coloured wedding shoe, but maybe it goes even further back. I mean, Dorothy’s outfit would’ve been pretty unmemorable (well can you describe it?), without those delicious sparkly red shoes!

Nowadays coloured wedding shoes have become the norm, and are a great way of adding your own style, or matching the colours of your wedding (just don’t go too far on that one- nobody wants a bride to match the napkins). Many brides go for pastel shades such as mint green, blush pink or pale blue and pick out the colour of their bridemaids’ dresses, which is a look we love (#bridesquadgoals).

And who could forget that good old tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (told you we liked tradition)? In recent years, blue shoes have become something of a ‘thing’, with brides opting for every shade from powder blue, to cobalt blue, and even navy has had a little moment! We’d always recommend blue suede above leather, as it looks soft but striking (and dare we say it, that little bit more expensive). Elvis definitely had the right idea.

The final big reason coloured wedding shoes have shot to the top of the ‘what’s hot’ in weddings list has to be wearability. Let’s be honest- whether or not we actually do it, when we fall in love with something that little bit more pricey, we all justify the purchase with that good old ‘cost per wear’ adage. Yes, they’re a lot of money for one day, but I’ll definitely wear them again for my niece’s Christening/ best friend’s wedding/ works night out/ around the house ironing* (just us?), *delete as appropriate. And whether you do, or you keep them in a box just to take them out every now and then to stroke, the point is you can. And hey, it didn’t turn out too badly for Cinderella now did it?

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