The Rachel Simpson Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Branwen Cook

Posted on September 27 2016

The Rachel Simpson Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

So you’re getting married, you may or may not have chosen the dress yet, but have you given any thought to the shoes yet? Whether you’re more of a handbag kind of girl or a self-confessed shoeaholic, choosing your wedding shoes can be a daunting prospect- when else do you wear the same pair all day and night?!

Whether it’s the little bit of the Cinderella fairy tale in us all, or we spent our early twenties channelling everything Carrie Bradshaw, we place a huge amount of importance on The Shoes. Here at Rachel Simpson we don’t believe it should be difficult, or daunting- this is shoe shopping after all! We want you to enjoy the experience, and have put together our guide to choosing the perfect pair..

Be comfortable – obvious as it sounds, you need to be super comfortable on the big day. It’s probably the biggest dress you’re ever going to wear, plus you’ll be in them all day, so don’t put up with rubbing or pinching. Plus, with everyone looking at you, you don’t want to look like Bambi wobbling down the aisle!

Consider the style- Remember when you were little and your mum wouldn’t let you get those slip ons for school? Some people need more support from their shoes, so be realistic. If you never wear court shoes because you find they slip at the heel, choose an ankle strap or t-bar to ensure you feel confident and supported.

Tradition v you- There was a time when every bride wore ivory satin shoes, dying them if the colour didn’t fully match the dress. Matchy matchy is no longer compulsory, and shoes can be more tonal or even add a subtle pop of colour. Classic bride or aisle fashionista, make sure your shoes reflect your personality.

Budget- Weddings are expensive right? You mention the word and everything triples in price. Consider what’s important to you, and if you fall in love with a designer pair of shoes, is there something you can compromise on in another area of the wedding? Assess whether your dream shoes are good value for money, don’t just look at the price. If they’re well made and comfortable, you’ll most likely wear them again, and as the saying goes, ‘life is short, buy the shoes’.

Love the dress- much as we like to think of the shoes being the centre of everything, in reality they’re meant to compliment your dress. With that in mind there are a few things to consider.

Heel height is not only important for comfort, check your preferred heel is suitable for the dress- it may need amending to your final heel height. If the shoes are embellished, check the jewels or beads aren’t going to snag, if your hemline is made from a delicate fabric.  

Ensure the texture and colour of your shoes works with the fabric of your dress- for example, choosing the wrong satin with a silk or satin dress can look poorly matched- choose a complimentary fabric such as leather or suede instead.

Think about the experience- planning a wedding is a busy old time, so anything which can save time is a bonus. If you’re an Asos addict, there’s nothing wrong with applying the same approach to buying your wedding shoes, and ordering online to try in the comfort of your own time. Flipside, if you want to make an event of your shoe buying, why not visit a stockist or the company’s showroom for a fully personal experience?

Be yourself- without wishing to sound like a clichéd self-help book, the most important thing is to be yourself. Too often brides to be get caught up in the notion of what they ‘should’ be doing, or listening to that slightly interfering relative. This is your wedding, he/ she chose you for you.

Enjoy the experience, choose shoes which make you feel amazing, which are comfy and you truly love. Then strut down that aisle with the biggest smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that you’re marrying ‘the one’ and can dance the night away in style and comfort!

Why not watch our video guide, and we'll talk you through that again...

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