The Shoe Surgery- how to clean satin

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 11 2018

The Shoe Surgery- how to clean satin

So you've worn your shoes and now they're looking a little bit less than perfect. Don't worry- shoes are meant to be worn, and we're going to tell you how to clean them.

Preparation is crucial for satin, so make sure any dirt marks are dry before you begin. Using a soft brush or a dry cloth, brush away as much dirt as you can. Next spray a small amount of Combination Cleaner onto a piece of kitchen towel. Using a dry clean brush, apply a small amount at a time and gently work away the marks- try not to saturate the satin. Leave the cleaner to dry naturally and then repeat the process if the stain still remains.

You might need to repeat the process several times in order to completely remove the marks. We believe this is the most effective way of cleaning your shoes at home, but we can't guarantee the results so proceed at your own risk. If you are still in doubt, speak to a specialist dry cleaner who can offer professional advice.

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  • Nicola: April 04, 2019

    Hi Rachel
    Thanks for creating the video on cleaning satin wedding shoes – I’m not sure what a combination cleaner is – can you give me a few examples please.
    Many thanks

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