Three Wedding Shoes to go with Lace Dresses

Heather Mills

Posted on May 08 2019

Three Wedding Shoes to go with Lace Dresses


Lace dresses are hugely popular and for a good reason, they are delicate, beautiful and you can get them in a whole range of shapes! With that in mind, we have so many beautiful shoes that will compliment a lace dress. Take a look at our top three shoes for a lace wedding dress. 


Cecelia is a very elegant shoe with a trio of teardrop shaped straps in metallic gold leather, which meet beautifully in the centre of the foot. A delicate lace dress will match Cecelia beautifully.

Click here to shop Cecelia


What do you pair with an ultra pretty dress? How about an even prettier pair of shoes.... Amalia has stunning handmade jewels and would work best with a shorter lace dress so you can see the jewels sparkle and shine all day long. Plus choose from 3 gorgeous colours!

Click here to shop Amalia


Ophelia has a blush ivory suede base giving a summery, bridal look which would compliment a lace dress wonderfully. The gorgeous straps, which loop into the centre and join together with a cute ribbon tie echo the same soft feminine feel as a lace dresses!

Click here to shop Ophelia

These are my top picks for a lace dress, but all of our shoes are equally stunning, so to take a look at our full collection click here. 

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Heather x

Assistant Designer



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