Time for T- Why We Love T-Bar Shoes

Branwen Cook

Posted on January 15 2018

Time for T- Why We Love T-Bar Shoes

Here at Rachel Simpson we’d like to think we’re the original go to brand for t-bar wedding shoes. It’s not that we invented them, but we’re proud to see there’s been a definite increase in the amount of t-bars on the bridal scene since we first launched our iconic Mimi back in 2008, and her arguably better known sister style Mimosa in 2013. Perhaps it was Rachel’s very first shoes- a pair of red t-bar Mary Janes which inspired the brand’s signature bestseller, who knows!

Originally reaching iconic style status with the sophisticated, ornate designs worn for dancing during the roaring twenties, t-bars are now one of our most popular types of wedding shoe. We know a thing or two about them, so we’ve put together our top three reasons for channelling that Charleston vibe and buckling up your t’s!

1. T-bars are comfy
Since when did comfortable become an excuse for dreadful, unflattering great chunks of shoe? One of the most frequent comments we receive from our customers is how darned comfortable Rachel Simpson shoes are, and we believe everyone should be able to find a beautiful pair of shoes which are equally easy to wear. Those twenties dancers had the right idea- the t-bar shape gives amazing support to the foot, holding it securely and comfortable in place- and they should know, have you seen how energetic the Charleston is?*

2. T-bars are flattering
Not only are a good pair of t-bar shoes comfortable, they also have the added benefit of being extremely flattering on the foot. The elegant central strap runs down the foot, so whether your feet are wide, narrow or somewhere in between, this serves to elongate the leg, giving an appearance of mile long super model legs (disclaimer- mile long may be a slight exaggeration, but it’s definitely effective!).

3. T-bars are elegant
As Yves Saint Laurent so famously put it ‘fashions fades but style is eternal’, and this perhaps explains the timeless appeal of the t-bar. There is just something so elegant about their shape, vintage yet not boring, on trend but not over the top- an understated fashion icon which never goes out of style.

Our top three t-bars have got to be as follows…
1. Mimosa– launched back in 2013, Mimosa has gone on to be our best selling shoe of all time and shows no signs of slowing! This Spring we launch two super exciting new versions to celebrate our tenth birthday! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out more!
2. Ginger– our very own supermodel, Ginger was photographed by none other than Mario Testino for Vogue’s centenary issue last year for their twenties inspired shoot. Wonderfully vintage, Ginger is as at home with a bridal gown or pair of jeans- a truly versatile classic.
3. Isla– the newest t-bar in the top three, Isla takes inspiration from sister style Mimosa. We love the mixed metallic leaves in gold and silver, and the lower heel almost feels like you’re wearing slippers!

* In case you fancy finding out, without having to leave the comfort of your sofa, those clever folk at Jibjab have made it easy for you. Click here for some fun.

You’re welcome! x


Image source – Feet up, Ginger, Mimosa, Isla

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