Top tips when choosing shoes for an outdoor wedding

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 22 2020

Top tips when choosing shoes for an outdoor wedding


So you're getting married outside. You love the romantic, relaxed feeling of saying I do under the sunny (or starry!) skies and have chosen your dress to suit the climate perfectly. But what about shoes? Can you go for any wedding shoes for an outside wedding or are there some which are a total no go?

Today I wanted to go through my top tips when choosing shoes for an outdoor wedding, so you can find the perfect pair and not have to worry one bit...

Shoes for an outdoor wedding

1. Let's talk about heels

We'll start with the most obvious consideration- heels. Now I'm not going to be predictable and tell you you can't wear a pair of heels- you probably know by now that I'm a big believer in going for the shoes you really love despite everything, so if you want heels but are getting married outside- go for it! There are however some which work better than others so read on...

Block Heels

Block heels are great for an outdoor wedding. As there's more surface area on the base of the heel, a block heel is a lot less likely to sink into soft surfaces such as grass. They can also feel a little more sturdy on outdoor surfaces such as gravel and cobbles. 

Shoes for an outdoor wedding

Heel Stoppers

That said, some people prefer the look of a more traditional slim heel and the good news is you can wear these too! They are however, prone to sinking so we'd highly recommend wearing them with a pair of heel protectors in place all day. These clever little things are small, transparent plastic and slip easily over the tips of your heels. Not only do they stop you from sinking into grass and protect your heels from getting dirty , they also offer a little more security on less sturdy surfaces such as gravel.

Click here to watch our short video with more information.

Heel protectors for wedding shoes


If you're going for a truly Boho, festival vibe and simply don't want the hassle of clean heels we can highly recommend choosing a pair of stunning wedding flats. Gone are the days when flat wedding shoes meant a frumpy old pair of satin pumps and you can now get an amazing range of flats which are just as showstopping and special as their heeled counterparts. With a pair of flat wedding shoes you won't need to worry about sinking into soft grass, or wobbling on grave and can rock that slightly holiday vibe all day and night.

Rachel Simpson flat wedding shoes

2. Material girl?

The next important consideration is what material your shoes are made of. Even if the weather is good (and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you), getting married outside will generally pose more of a risk to your shoes getting dirty than if you were to be indoors all day. So let's look at the options..


Without doubt one of the most durable materials for wedding shoes, leather is a natural material and as such is built to last. There are things you can do to protect the leather before you wear your shoes, but out of all the possible materials leather is the one which you can most easily clean up afterwards. So if you're worried about rain or just don't want to even think about your shoes outside all day, leather is the perfect choice.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia leather wedding shoes


Okay so suede actually is leather- contrary to popular belief it's not the other side of leather, but is actually put through a process called 'splitting', where the top layer of the leather is removed and you're left with the soft, textured finish we know as suede. So whilst a lot of people really worry about getting suede dirty, it still has many of the qualities of leather which makes it much easier to clean than satin or fabric so don't be scared of suede!

Rachel Simpson suede wedding shoes

Satin/ fabric

The traditional favourite material for wedding shoes, if I had to be completely honest (and you know me), I probably wouldn't recommend satin when choosing for an outdoor wedding. Obviously if you've fallen head over heels with a beautiful satin shoe then don't let me stop you, but do bear in mind this is probably one of the most tricky to clean if you do get them dirty. So if you want to wear your shoes again without the need to dye them, then satin maybe isn't for you. If however you're less bothered about that and it's all about the big day then go for your life!

Shoes for an outdoor wedding

3. Shoe love is true love

Whatever shoes you choose for your outdoor wedding one thing I would always recommend would be taking some time to look after your shoes both before, and after the wedding. A little bit of work in the run up will really minimise any potential damage and make it a lot easier to clean any marks off your shoes after the big day.


Before you wear your shoes, consider treating them with a protector spray- there are loads on the market so just make sure you buy one which is suitable for the material of your shoes, ie leather, suede or fabric. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and remember that a few light coats are always better than drowning them first time round!

Click here to read my blog about protecting your wedding shoes.


Once you've had the wedding, you've been on honeymoon and some months later you finally get around to inspecting the damage on your shoes (just me?), the first thing is don't panic! Your shoes are likely to have some marks on them, dirty heels, slightly scuffed toes etc and honestly- that's just a sign of a really awesome wedding so be proud of that! There is so much you can do to clean your shoes, and we've got plenty of advice on our blog as well as some fantastic cleaning products to help.

Shoes for an outdoor wedding

So as I said right at the beginning, the most important thing to think about when choosing your wedding shoes is how much you love them, that's it. But..if you are looking for shoes for an outdoor wedding hopefully this will have highlighted a few things worth thinking about to help you find your perfect pair which are practical too.

You can view the full collection of wedding shoes here, and if you need any advice we're always here to help. Drop us an email, give us a call or message us on social.


Rachel x


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