How we package and protect your beautiful new shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 03 2020

How we package and protect your beautiful new shoes

Here at Rachel Simpson we're passionate about beautiful shoes and believe that they're worth looking after. So much time and love goes into designing and making them, we want to make sure they reach you in perfect condition, so today we're showing you how we carefully pack and protect them.

Rachel shows you step by step how we carefully package your shoes

Once a pair of shoes has been completed at our factory, it is very carefully hand finished to make sure everything is perfect. After that we put compacted tissue paper inside each shoe to maintain the shape and make sure nothing gets squashed or creased during transit. We don't use any plastic in our packaging, it's all recyclable :) 

Each shoe is then nestled inside the shoe box in amongst more beautiful crispy Rachel Simpson tissue paper, nice and snug to make sure they don't move around too much and get damaged. Our shoe boxes are in our signature mint green colour with our logo in beautiful gold foil on the lid.

Next up each pair has a lovely Rachel Simpson shoe bag placed on top to protect the shoes. Our shoe bags are made from 100% natural white cotton with our logo printed on the side. Each bag is the perfect size to hold your shoes so you can pop them in, pull the drawstring and they're ready to travel.

Obviously I always have at least one pair of Rachel Simpson shoes whenever I travel, and these bags are perfect for holding the shoes together nice and securely, whilst preventing them from getting any marks whilst they're in my case. When I get home I tend to keep them inside the shoe bag and return them into their shoe box so they're kept safe, dry and away from direct light to maintain their colour perfectly. 

Rachel shows you how to use your handy shoe bag

We pop a little shoe care card on top of the shoe bag, which gives you a little bit of advice about your shoes- please make sure you read it before you try them on!

And then we put the lid on, pop them into an outer carton and send them on their merry way to their new home with you!  


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