Want to know who makes your Rachel Simpson shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 09 2021

Want to know who makes your Rachel Simpson shoes?

Great design isn’t just about how something looks- it’s how it feels, how it works and how it enriches someone’s life. We are passionate about our shoes and how they are made goes hand in hand (or should that be foot in foot?) with how they look.

At Rachel Simpson we have always supported traditional shoemaking. In a world of fast fashion, it was the craft of shoe making itself which Rachel fell in love with and what led her to start the business back in 2008. In fact she made her first wedding shoe designs herself in a workshop at the bottom of her garden!

Rachel Simpson shoe insoles

Nowadays we work with a long established shoe factory in the Elche region of Alicante in Spain. Founded in 1960, the factory has been run by three generations of the same family who still run it today. This highly skilled factory continue the history of a family tradition focused on comfort, and the satisfaction of doing a job well.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa mint wedding shoes

Whilst many shoe companies outsource some elements, every part of the Rachel Simpson shoe making process is carried out in Alicante by the same family company. Just like us, what really sets them apart is not just their product, but their people. Their team of highly skilled shoe makers handle every part of the process,  ensuring the highest quality and a beautiful pair of shoes each and every time.

Rachel Simpson Rosita ivory wedding shoes

Making shoes is a complicated process with multiple stages. Over twenty people work on every single pair of Rachel Simpson shoes in the factory, and that's not including all the people involved before that- pattern cutters, last makers, technicians- the list goes on! Over the next few weeks we'll be taking you on the journey of a Rachel Simpson shoe so keep an eye out on here and on social for more.

The people who make Rachel Simpson shoes

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