Weatherproof your wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 21 2020

Weatherproof your wedding shoes

Okay so who turned off Summer? Certainly in the UK this week the weather has gone from tropical beach to tropical storm and not a day goes by without a bit (or a lot) of rain! This got me thinking about shoes (it's kind of a habit), and what to do if you've chosen your perfect pair of wedding shoes based on the season, and then the weather has other ideas. The main thing is- don't worry! Although there are obviously practical considerations to think about when choosing your wedding shoes, here at Rachel Simpson we also believe that one of the most important factors is how much you love them. So if you're getting married in the depths of winter but you fell in love with a pair of peep-toes, we say go for it! 

The good news is that there are things you can do to protect your wedding shoes before the big day, things you can do on the day itself and of course things you can do afterwards to bring your shoes back to being (almost!) as good as new. It takes a little bit of time and patience, but it's so worth it to maintain your wedding shoes and keep them looking newer for longer. We promise you your shoes will thank you...


Prevention is better than cure or so the old cliche goes- but the thing about cliches is that they tend to be true. Before you wear your wedding shoes we strongly recommend treating them with a specialist protector spray. This gives your shoes an invisible coating which stops water from penetrating the suede or leather whilst still allowing the shoes to breathe. A good protector spray gives your shoes the best start in life and minimises the damage that weather will be able to do, which also makes them a lot easier to clean if they do get marked at all. 

We recommend Dasco Natural Protector, which you can get via the website. As with all our shoe care products, they don't cost a lot but the protection they'll give your shoes is priceless! See below for a short video I made during lockdown showing you how to use this wonder spray.


Surely I can't do anything on the wedding day itself to protect my wedding shoes, I hear you say? Well actually there is- clean heels! These wondrous little things are basically see through protectors which you pop onto both heels before you go outside, or onto a gravelly driveway or cobbled street. They protect your heels in two ways- firstly by stopping you from sinking into grass or slipping in between pesky paving slabs in the first place, and secondly from covering your heels from any potential muddy splashes. 

They look kind of weird but the good thing is you can hardly see them once they're on, and then once you're back inside on terra firms you can simply take them off again and see them safely in the little drawstring bag they come in. Simples!

Clean heels cost less than a fiver but your shoes will most definitely thank you. Heels can be the most affected part of the shoe when it comes to dirt and wear, but by wearing a pair of these you limit that damage considerably. See below for a short video on how to use them.


So you've had the big day, you've enjoyed the honey (or mini) moon and you've finally got round to opening your wedding shoe box to assess the damage! Hopefully if you've followed steps one and two above, this step should be relatively easy- cleaning your wedding shoes!

Depending what fabric your shoes are made from, there are a few different products you can use to clean them. Most of ours are leather and suede, so the products we carry are perfect for both.


Firstly we recommend using a Dasco Suede Cleaning Block to remove the worst of the marks. Make sure everything is totally dry first though, otherwise you just end up smearing it all over your shoes- not a good look!

The suede block really is amazing- have a look at this little video where I used one to clean my wedding shoes.


Next up, use a cleaning spray or foam to clean off the rest of the marks. This is a patient process but well worth it. We sell Dasco Combination Cleaner in our showroom but sadly can't sell it online, but you should be able to find something similar at your local cobbler.


For leather (not suede) shoes, we recommend using Dasco Leather Conditioner or clear wax as a final step to keeping your shoes as good as new. Apply according to the manufacturer's instructions and buff, and it acts like a polish to nourish and protect your shoes. 

If your shoes are made from metallic leather, choose the Dasco Metallic Gel.

If you only get two things, definitely pop a Protector Spray and a pair of Clean Heels in your basket- they're little products with a big effect.


Rachel x

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