6 Wedding Handbag Essentials you need for a Wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on July 15 2019

6 Wedding Handbag Essentials you need for a Wedding


So you’ve made the big decisions: you’ve bought your dress, chosen your shoes and picked out the perfect accessories. Now it's all the small decisions to make. What will you put in your clutch on the big day? We have made a shortlist of the must-haves to take with you from Miss to Mrs. 

1. Tissues

Weddings tend to be very emotional, so expect a lot of happy tears on the day. That's why you will be thankful to have a pack of tissues with you, so you can wipe away the smudged mascara.

2. Lipstick/ Lip balm

It's always a good idea to have a lipstick or balm to hand. From sipping on cocktails, eating at the buffet, you’ll probably want to touch up throughout the day. Your favourite lipstick or balm will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and keep your pout perfect for photos. 

Pinterest Lipstick Flatlay

3. Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is a must. No one likes the realisation that you have been chatting to friends and relatives all day with lipstick on your teeth and being the bride you're not going to have much time to dash to the bathroom mirror. Plus it comes in handy when you want to apply your lipstick/ balm too!

Compact Mirror

4. Mints

On your wedding day, you will be spending a lot of time chatting to guests and we recommend you keep mints in your bag so you can freshen up in an instant. 

5. Powder/ Blotting Paper

This is even more key if you're attending a wedding is in spring/summer time. You want to have the best day of your life on your wedding day and dancing all night, so to keep a shiny forehead at bay packing blotting paper or powder is a top tip. 

Powder Make up Wedding Bag Essentials

6. Clean Heels

Outdoor wedding?.. then clean heels will be your best friend. You pop them on the bottom of your heels to stop you from sinking in the grass and keeps you steadier on uneven ground and will also prevent scuffs and damage to the heel. 

Clean Heels

With these 6 handbag essentials we hope this makes your life a little easier and this is one less decision for you. And if you are looking for the perfect sized clutch bag to hold all your day's essentials. See our favourite bags below to take you from day to night. 


Coco bag is a timeless clutch. The perfect size to fit in everything you will need and plus you can use the bag many more times after your wedding. Coco is also available in pink, blue, ivory, silver and gold.

Rachel Simpson Bridal Clutch bag Wedding Bag

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Mia matches our iconic Mimosa (and lots of other Rachel Simpson shoes). With an elegant vintage feel to it, the shell/ fan shape is the just right to fit all your bits and bobs in. Plus of our bags also have a useful strap so you can always wear over your shoulder when you hit the dance floor. 

Rachel Simpson Bridal Bag clutch bag Wedding bag

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Georgia is a great practical size and shape and is the perfect size to hold the day’s essentials, including your phone, make-up and all essential tissues for the speeches. The unique scalloped edge of the bag flap softens any hard edge, giving the bag a feminine and slightly vintage look. The bag fastens with a magnetic clasp keeping everything secure when you hit the dance floor.

Rachel Simpson Bridal Bag Clutch Bag Wedding Bag


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