Wedding shoe myths busted. Part one- comfort

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 19 2021

Wedding shoe myths busted. Part one- comfort


It's funny, if you're buying a pair of shoes for a night out chances are you wouldn't Google how to do it. You wouldn't read numerous articles about how to choose the right ones or worry about what other people might think of your choice. Yet when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes that's exactly what so many brides tend to do. And we get it, it's a big deal. Shoes are a big deal at the best of times and your wedding shoes are such an important decision.

However what we don't like is that a lot of advice about choosing your wedding shoes is pretty bossy. Don't do this, you have to do that, whatever you do don't (insert bossy advice here)! Whilst there used to be a certain expectation of what your wedding shoes should be, the wonderful thing nowadays is that literally anything goes. Choosing your wedding shoes means choosing a pair of shoes which quite literally make your heart sing, which you can wear all day and night and shoes which make you feel like an actual princess (okay, so some wedding cliches are allowed- we all secretly wanna be princesses right?).

So we want to dispel some of the myths surrounding wedding shoes. We want to challenge the bossy advice and bring it into the 21st century when weddings can be whatever- and however- you want them to be. There are three parts in the series and today we're kicking off with part one- comfort.

We often hear people saying that they'll probably have to buy two pairs of wedding shoes so they can 'change into something more comfortable' for the evening. What?! Why would you spend all that money on a pair of shoes if they're going to be uncomfortable by about 4pm? If you find the most amazing pair of wedding shoes you want to wear them for as long as possible, not change into something you don't like as much later on. You wouldn't put on a pair of second choice shoes for a night out, so why do it for your evening reception?

Be honest with yourself when you're shopping for wedding shoes and make sure that you're truly comfy in the ones you choose. Not 'well they're kind of comfy if I don't wear them for too long', but properly, honestly comfy. It may take a little longer but it's totally worth it because if you find the right ones you won't even know you're wearing them and can just get on and enjoy ripping up the dance floor!

Rachel Simpson Isadora shoes



Another misconception is that you should wear your shoes a bit before the big day, maybe around the house, doing the ironing, popping to the corner shop. Excuse us, but isn't the whole point of your wedding shoes that they're for, well, your wedding? Also a good quality pair of shoes which fit you properly shouldn't need wearing in.

You might want to try them on a few times at home if it's a heel height you're not used to and you want to make sure you're confident, however even this we would question as it's risky going for shoes which are a million miles out of your comfort zone anyway. We never advocate, for example, going for a four inch heel if you live your life in crocs (extreme example but you get the point!).

A good quality, well fitting pair of shoes should be comfy from the first moment you put them on. It's true that they will get even more comfy the more you wear them, as the soft leather moulds to the shape of your foot, but if they need extensive wearing in before your wedding day chances are they're not the shoes for you.

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It is certainly true that you carry yourself slightly differently in heels. In fact the whole theory behind high heels is that it elongates the leg and makes one's bumps and behind stick out a little more! That's the higher heels of course, but even a mid heel will affect the way you walk and you'll move slightly differently in those than in a completely flat shoe.

Traditionally people tend to think that this means you should wear a heel on your wedding day, that it improves your posture and thus how good the dress looks. We're not saying this isn't true and we love a good heel, but we go back to our favourite point about comfort. If you don't feel at home in heels but feel totally yourself in a pair of flats, much better to go for what you know than try and be something you're not. It doesn't matter how elegant a pair of heels make other people think you look, if you don't feel comfortable in them you'll be a lot more elegant in what you know.

Back in the day flats probably were the inferior choice because, quite frankly they were almost the non-existent choice! Unless you went for a timeless ivory ballerina (and for this we salute you style queen), options were pretty limited and/ or not something you'd want to be seen outside the house in. Nowadays it's a very different story with everything from chic metallic strappy sandals to bejewelled flip flops all ready and waiting to walk you down the aisle.

Rachel Simpson Amber ivory flat wedding shoes

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