Wedding shoe myths busted. Part three- practicality

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 24 2021

Wedding shoe myths busted. Part three- practicality


In our third and final post of busting the old fashioned myths surrounding wedding shoes, we're talking all things practical. Not the sexiest of themes but pretty necessary we think you'd agree. One of the reasons Rachel became a shoe designer was that she loved (and still does) the combination shoes have of being beautiful works of art, whilst also having to be practical. 

The final three myths we're looking at all tell you that you can't do this and this isn't suitable, but we say no! Let's go...

Why would you spend all that money on one of the most amazing pairs of shoes you'll ever own, only to wear them once before shutting them away in a box at the back of the wardrobe? Beautiful shoes are there to be worn! As covered in part two of this blog, gone are the days where the only wedding shoes you could get were ivory satin, now you can get them in pretty much every colour in the rainbow, not to mention metallics and glitters!

If you want to be able to wear your wedding shoes again, take a look at your wardrobe and have a think about the colours which would work best with your personal style. Metallics are wonderfully versatile as they go with pretty much anything. Would you get more use out of an open or closed toe? Would you plan to wear your wedding shoes for special occasions or as much as possible? Answering these questions before you start your wedding shoe search might help you narrow it down a little bit.

Getting more 'cost per wear' out of your wedding shoes also justifies the price point,which will most likely be higher than buying an every day pair of shoes. On this note, don't confuse cheap with good value- whilst price doesn't always dictate quality, cheap shoes might be badly made in unforgiving synthetic materials so it's worth paying a little more to ensure you're not going to be in pain!

 Rachel Simpson Luna flat gold sandals


Many people are afraid of wearing suede for their wedding shoes. There's a common misconception that a little bit of rain or mud will wreck them forever. Yet the same worries don't seem to apply for leather shoes, which are seen as weatherproof and easy to clean. 

News flash- suede is leather! The leather is 'split'. which effectively removes the top surface to reveal the soft texture you get on the inside of leather. So whilst is is true that it's not totally as durable as non-split leather, it does share many of the natural properties. All this means is that suede needs a little more care and attention in order to keep it looking as good as new.

We always recommend treating your suede wedding shoes with a protector spray before you wear them. You can pick these up very inexpensively from your local cobbler, and simply follow the manufacturers' instructions. We do have a short video showing you how to do this, click here to watch.

You might also consider using a pair of Clean Heels on the date itself- clear plastic heel protectors which help to prevent dirt and damage to your heels. Click here to buy, your shoes will thank you!

If you've protected your shoes before wear it's even easier to clean them after the big day. Use a simply suede cleaning block as a starting point- again click here to watch a short video demonstrating this.

 Rachel Simpson Paloma Art Deco wedding shoes


Back in the day all wedding shoes tended to be made from satin. More often than not this satin was dyeable, meaning you could dye your wedding shoes after the big day to make it easier for you to wear them again.

Whilst we love a beautiful satin and there is something classically bridal about it, the truth is it's not as practical as leather or suede (and here at RS we're all about comfy and practical as well as beautiful!). Although it is possible to clean satin if it gets dirty and marked, depending on the damage it can be almost impossible to get your shoes looking as good as they did when you first got them.

Leather and suede are a natural materials which are used to being outside. They were designed to be exposed to the natural elements such as rain and mud, and that doesn't change once they've been made into a pair of shoes! These natural materials are a lot more forgiving than satin and can be cleaned up remarkably well, from even the most stubborn of mud and dirt marks.

So unless your wedding is completely indoors, or you don't mind whether they never look as good as new we'd always advocate a more forgiving, natural material. Sorry tradition! ;) 

Rachel Simpson blue wedding shoes

Click here to view our full collection of wedding shoes (there's plenty of leather and suede!). 

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