Low heel wedding shoes for brides who don't do heels (but don't want flats)

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 16 2020

Low heel wedding shoes for brides who don't do heels (but don't want flats)


At Rachel Simpson we like to think we're the champions of the mid-heel wedding shoe. Our most popular heel heights are between 6cm and 8cm and we just can't get enough of these super wearable yet uber stylish heels. So many people think you need to wear a high heel to be glam but we say mid heels are most definitely where it's at- especially for your wedding shoes which you'll be wearing all the way through from morning til night!

We do know however, that for many brides to be the prospect of even a mid heel can be a little daunting if they're just not used to wearing heels. Of course we have our gorgeous range of flat wedding shoes which are every bit as elegant as their heeled counterparts, but many brides still prefer at least a low heel as it does give you a slightly different feel than a flat.

Fear not, we're here to help and today I thought I'd run you through five of our best selling low heeled wedding shoes. It was tricky to narrow it down to be honest as all our low heels are lovely (yes I am biased), but here are five low heel wedding shoes for brides who don't do heels...


Okay I'm starting with this one because these are the shoes I wore when I got married last year, so naturally they're something of a favourite! I love the Art Deco detailing on the front of the shoe, and the way the two fan shapes join in the centre. It's one of those designs which look really simple even though it took a while to perfect and get the dimensions just so! The ankle strap gives you plenty of support and I remember the first time I tried them on, even I was surprised at how very comfy they are- I mean, I shouldn't be because I know how comfy our shoes are, but trust me you have to feel it to believe just how much.

Isadora is available in dusky blue suede and rose gold quartz glitter, both with gold leather trim.

Rachel Simpson Isadora dusky blue low heeled wedding shoes


Since we launched this gorgeous ivory peep-toe last year, Cecelia has gone from strength to strength and now often features in our top five bestsellers list. I can totally see why and it's one of those shoes I had a really good feeling about right from the start. The front of the shoe is made up of six teardrop shaped straps in gold leather which all meet in the centre and elegantly encase your foot. Again (like Isadora) there is a simple gold ankle strap so you feel secure all day and night. We call the colour 'ivory white' because it's slightly brighter than our traditional ivory giving it a chic modern look.

If you're after a matching bag there's the gorgeous Opal bag in ivory white leather with gold leather detail. 

Rachel Simpson Cecelia low heeled ivory wedding shoes


I first designed Isla as a lower heeled version of our best selling Mimosa but she's since become a little star in her own right! The shoe has a botanical vibe, with the front decorated in a scattering of leaf shaped appliqués in gold and silver, which is echoed on the back of the shoe too. All of this detail looks gorgeous peeping out from underneath your dress and makes Isla a subtle but stunning shoe. And of course she has a signature t-bar which is always super flattering!

Isla is available in pearlised ivory and signature mint green- decisions, decisions..

Rachel Simpson Isla mint green low heel wedding shoes


The newest shoe in my top five, Clementine only launched in February but is already a firm favourite with our brides and stockists alike. There is something distinctly vintage looking about the overlapping Art Deco panels which make up the front of the shoe- each one outlined with suer fine metallic gold binding. I don't know why but the design also makes me think of a cloud- maybe it's the scalloped edge of the shoe which just looks so cute on the foot! A pointed wedding shoe has a wonderfully classic look, but Clementine really puts a twist on tradition to give the point a fresh look!

Want the matching bag? Choose from our structured Freya shell shaped bag or the class Sabine in ivory suede.

Rachel Simpson Clementine ivory low heeled wedding shoes


For my last but by no means least selection, I'm going for a real Rachel Simpson classic- Gardenia. Actually called Gardenia II, the first version of Gardenia had a button fastening, but we later replaced this with a buckle which improved the fit no end and made it a lot more versatile! I'm slightly sentimental about the shape of this gorgeous shoe, as it was based on an original 1920s shoe I found in a vintage shop many years ago, and I love the slightly unusual toe which isn't round or pointed, but perhaps more almond shaped. Gardenia is also one of the thicker heels in the collection which makes her the perfect choice for brides who want a slightly more supportive heel for the big day.

Gardenia II is available in classic ivory or gorgeous pale blue, both with metallic silver detailing. There's also a matching bag in both colours, check out Mia.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia low heeled wedding shoes

 So there we are- my top five choice of low heeled wedding shoes for brides who want a heel but don't do heels! If you're still worried about it I would always encourage you to try it- people are so used to shoes being uncomfortable they just expect that to be the case, but I've seen so many people try our shoes on and be genuinely surprised at just how comfortable they are...even with a heel!

You can check out eve more of our gorgeous low heeled wedding shoes by clicking right here!


Rachel x

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