Wedding shoes myths busted. Part two- style

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 22 2021

Wedding shoes myths busted. Part two- style


In the second of our series where we dispel out dated wedding shoe myths, today we're talking about bridal style. There are a lot of bossy do's and don'ts flying around which we don't believe in when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, especially when it comes to your individual style. 

In an era where pretty much anything goes and you can design the wedding day you and your partner want, your wedding shoes should be a reflection of you and your own, unique personality. So let's get started on busting those dreadful myths shall we?



Traditionally wedding shoes were more of a practical necessity, designed to match your wedding dress and take you from A to B without standing out. So if your dress was white or ivory (which was highly likely), your shoes would be the same. Many wedding shoes were actually made out of the same fabric as the wedding dress so they truly were the perfect match.

In time coloured wedding shoes started to appear in the form of soft pinks and blush tones- adding a bit of personality without making too much of a statement. From there the choice of colours expanded and nowadays you can find wedding shoes in a huge array of different shades; from soft pink to pillar box red, baby blue to cobalt (as your something blue), and vintage favourite mint green right through to our popular forest green.

The truth is you can wear any colour you like and coloured wedding shoes are a great way of tying your bridal look in with the theme of the wedding- perhaps coordinating them with your bridemaids dresses or flowers. They're also a great choice if you'll find it easier to wear a colour again, as opposed to white or ivory. That's not to say we don't also love a classic ivory by the way, the point is to choose what's right for you.

 Rachel Simpson Isadora dusky blue wedding shoes


So this is one we hear a lot and we're very happy to have a chance to address it. What's the point in spending money on your wedding shoes when no one's going to see them anyway. Erm, hello? Only your partner is going to see your underwear but you're probably not going to pop to Primark for that now are you?

But joking aside, the truth about a good pair of wedding shoes (just like getting decent bridal underwear) is that they're as much about how they feel as how they look. Good shoes and good underwear give you a solid foundation on which to build your bridal look. You wouldn't put an ill fitting, lumpy bra under a sleek silk gown just as you wouldn't wear a pair of shoes which didn't fit properly as you'd soon be hobbling with blisters- not a great look.

The other thing to note is that people do see your wedding shoes, even if you're wearing a floor length gown. Your toes will peep out gracefully as you walk down the aisle, your shoes will give a teasing appearance as you dance, and if you're lucky enough that someone (partner, ushers) pick you up for that classic 'bride being carried' shot you're shoes will almost be centre stage.

But it's not about that, trust us, a good pair of shoes are worth the investment so you can fully enjoy your day. Remember all those nights out when you just want to go home because your feet hurt? Don't let that be your wedding day.

Rachel Simpson Erin ivory block heel wedding shoes



As we said before, back in the day it was all about the dress and wedding shoes were just there for back seat practicality. Not any more. Chances are you're far more likely to wear your wedding shoes again than your wedding dress, so why wouldn't you want to invest in an utterly fabulous pair. And if that's the case why would you want to keep those beauties hidden?

Whilst not everyone wants to start with the shoes (although you'd be surprised how many people do!), your wedding shoes don't have to play support act to your dress. The truth is they can be very happy co-stars. Even if you have an incredible, jaw-dropping statement gown there's no rule to say your shoes can't make a splash too. Equally there's nothing to stop you going for an understated, simple gown or separates and then having an amazing 'ta-da' moment when you reveal a pair of showstopping heels. 

We've said it before and we'll say it again- go for the wedding shoes you LOVE. They can compliment your wedding dress or clash beautifully, it really us up to you.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa quartz glitter wedding shoes

If you missed part of of this series where we covered the myths surrounding the comfort of wedding shoes, you can click here to check it out and we'll be back with our third and final part on Friday.

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