Wedding Shoes to Dance In

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 19 2020

Wedding Shoes to Dance In


So you've had the ceremony, and the wedding breakfast- you survived the speeches and now the party can really start. But there's one more thing to get through- the first dance! That's right, for a few minutes all eyes are on you as you take to the dance floor with your gorgeous other half so you want to feel super confident. Whether you're going full on Strictly or having a simple shuffle you want wedding shoes you can dance in, shoes which fit perfectly and are super, super comfortable right?

In truth (and we do like to blow our own trumpet on this one), all Rachel Simpson shoes are super comfortable- it's what we do. So it feels strange to single styles out for their comfort, but there are some which are the most supportive as well as some which just have a wonderful dance shoe 'look', so today we talk you through five of our favourite wedding shoes to dance in...

1. Ginger

Let's start with the shoe which often gets lovingly referred to as a dancing shoe, Ginger- without doubt one of our most signature styles, having been in the collection for several years. It has all the elements of a classic Rachel Simpson shoe- the t-bar, the vintage style, the wearable heel, and the lovely soft leather.

Inspiration for the design came from the dancehalls of the 1920s, think Charleston, drop waist dresses, feathers in your hair. Although she was more of a thirties/ forties phenomenon, the name comes from the infamous Ginger Rogers, who danced her way into history with Fred Astaire (both pictured above). And that’s the feeling we wanted to create, that you could put Ginger on and dance your way along, whether that be down the aisle or to smash the first dance!

It’s a timeless shoe that will last for years because it never really went out of style.

Rachel Simpson Ginger wedding shoes to dance in

2. Giselle

Nobody puts Giselle in the corner! Just one look at the timelessly glam look at our Giselle shoe and you know she's the perfect shoe to dance in! When style and practicality come together this well we know it's a win.

We wanted to create a really glam style when we designed Giselle- one which had all the elegance of the perfect wedding shoe but that you could just as easily wear on a night out. Using rose gold leather as the main colour, we added a bit of gold into the mix too- we love mixed metallics!

Sitting on a tapered 6.5cm heel, Giselle is a great choice for brides wanting something glam but effortless, making her the perfect shoe for that first dance. See you on the dance floor.

Rachel Simpson Giselle wedding shoes to dance in

3. Luna

Before we leave the metallics theme there's one more option in the RS family we just can't ignore. New to the collection this year and perfect for brides who want the perfect wedding shoe to dance in but aren't confident in heels, meet Luna.

If you're looking for a truly glamorous shoe which doesn’t compromise on comfort, look no further than our stunning Luna flat t-bar. Crafted in a stunning trio of metallic leathers, Luna combines gold, silver and rose gold straps in an intricate design for which Rachel Simpson is typically known for. One of the things which make Luna perfect for dancing in is the intricate design, because it encases the foot beautifully, making you feel super secure and 'held in'.

We don't believe that heels have to be high for a shoe to be sexy, and Luna is most definitely the proof of that. 100% flat, 100% glam, you'll be doing the paso doble in no time ;)

Rachel Simpson Luna flat wedding shoes to dance in

4. Mimosa

There are many reasons why Mimosa has been one of our bestselling shoes for many years, and it's not just how pretty she is. Mimosa is a shoe which seems to fit almost everyone, and gives the perfect fit time after time after time. Whether your feet are big or small, wide or narrow we’re pretty sure this iconic style will not only fit but also flatter, and the only problem you’ll have is taking them off!

It's no secret that we love a t-bar, and aside from the fact that they look fabulous and slightly vintage it's because they're actually really practical. Rather than just having a horizontal strap across the foot, the t-bar gives you a second, vertical strap so your foot is supported two ways and you can really feel it when you wear them. If you're looking for the perfect wedding shoes to dance in and want a failsafe, you can't go far wrong with good old Mimosa!

Mimosa is now available in six gorgeous colours too so there's there's one for you, whatever your wedding style. Here's the rose quartz glitter version, to bring a bit of sparkle to the dance floor...

Rachel Simpson Mimosa glitter wedding shoes to dance in

5. Etienne

If you love the idea of a t-bar and a bit of a heel but Mimosa's 8cm is too high, may we introduce you to the quite frankly, gorgeous Etienne! New to the collection this year we're expecting big things from this little beauty. 

Etienne is one of those shoes which is absolutely effortless- you can just put them on at the beginning of your wedding day and forget about them. Well not quite forget about them as you're bound to get compliments, but you certainly won't have to worry about the comfort of your feet at all. Sitting on an elegant tapered low heel and made from buttery soft leather, they'll be just as comfortable by the time you get to your first dance as they were when you first put them on.

The design of Etienne also has a slight 'dance shoe' feel- inspired by the art deco era, the front of the shoe is made up of overlapping panels which meet in the centre, each one finished with delicate metallic gold binding and the shoe is completed by the pretty twisted gold leather t-bar. Super pretty!

 Rachel Simpson Etienne wedding shoes to dance in

So these are just a few of our favourite wedding shoes to dance in, but as I said right at the beginning- you can dance in all Rachel Simpson shoes because we design every single one to be as comfortable as it is beautiful. Click here to see the full collection and keeeeeep dancing!


Rachel x

Main photo credit: Margaret Herrick Library.

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