Wedding superstitions- worthwhile or outdated?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 12 2022

Wedding superstitions- worthwhile or outdated?


Whilst many people consider Friday 13th to be unlucky, just as many people dismiss that belief as an out-dated superstition. Which got us to thinking how many bridal superstitions surround weddings- some of which are well known, others less so.

Here are ten of our favourites- some because they make sense and some well, just because they made us giggle...

1. Rain on your wedding day

Whilst it's something most brides would prefer to avoid, if the heaven's do open on your big day it's actually considered to be good luck (every cloud!). According to superstition, rain on your wedding day represents cleansing and fertility- so grab that umbrella and say hooray to tradition! 

Wedding couple underneath umbrella in the rain

2. Dropping the wedding rings

Bit of an ominous one this, but it used to be thought that if someone dropped one of the rings during the wedding ceremony they would be the next person to pop their clogs! Perhaps not a superstition to share should your best man be a butterfingers on the big day...

Wedding rings couple photo

Marie Barcelo Photography

3. Veils- function not just fashion 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a veil was mainly there to complete your bridal outfit, add a touch of tradition and make you look well, gorgeous. Whilst all of that is invariably true, in days gone by the ancient Greeks believed that a veil protected the bride from evil spirits and curses- eek!

Ivory and Co Casablanca veil

Ivory & Co

4. Wearing a sixpence in your shoe

The Victorian tradition of the bride's father putting a sixpence inside his daughter's shoe before the ceremony was thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the marriage. We're not sure we'd advocate the comfort factor of that, but maybe you could attach it to the underside of your shoe if you want to continue the tradition minus the blisters.

Sixpence from The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint

5. Wearing something borrowed

According to the superstition- something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue- the 'borrowed' part should be from someone who is in a long standing, happy marriage. The idea is that their successful marriage will rub off on you and bring you years of happily married bliss, sounds good to us!

Laurel Lime bridal accessories

Laurel Lime

6. Knives out

When you're adding to your guestlist on Prezola or in John Lewis, you might want to give those knife sets a miss. A longstanding bridal superstition views a wedding gift of knives to symbolise the cutting or breaking of a relationship- not the best omen for newly weds, maybe go for the toaster after all...

7. Smashing the glass

...however one thing considered good luck to break is glass. In Italy the happy couple traditionally smash a glass or vase during the big day and it's believed that the number of pieces they smash it into symbolises the number of years they'll be happily married.

Smashing glas wedding tradition

8. Being carried over the threshold

Medieval superstition believed that evil spirits could get into the bride via her feet, hence why the groom would traditionally carry her over the threshold. So if your partner complains at having to lift you up, remind them that you're actually saving the marital home from bad guys!

Rachel & Ben wedding

Emma Case Photography

9. Hold the new signature!

Okay so we know lots of brides love to practise their new signature in the run up to the big day. That's fine but for traditional good luck don't actually use it until it's official. Many people believe that it's bad luck to use your married name before the big day, as if you're tempting fate so best avoided.

10. Avoid a Saturday wedding

Kind of funny this one seeing as Saturday tends to be one of the most popular days for weddings, but according to old English folklore, Saturday is an unlucky day to get married and couples should stick to a weekday. Oh, and avoid the 13th too but if you're reading this blog you're probably not getting married today now are you..?

So what do you think- are wedding superstitions to be followed or are they a little out-dated? Which ones- if any- will you be following? 

Let us know and in the meantime if you're looking for your 'something blue' you can click here for our range of blue wedding shoes- that's one tradition ticked off the list!

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