Wedding Wednesday- Clementine and Arthur's French Mountain Wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on September 30 2020

Wedding Wednesday- Clementine and Arthur's French Mountain Wedding


This week we're delighted to share with you Clementine and Arthur's wedding. Both Clementine and Arthur have a love for the mountains, which is the backdrop for their wedding! With spectacular views and natural minimal aesthetic decor we think you're going to love this wedding as much as we do!

Tell us a little bit about you as a couple?

Arthur and I met during our integration week at university in Grenoble, France in 2010. When we first noticed one another we didn’t think we’d be a match: Arthur thought I looked cute but very serious and I was scared of being blocked by the language (I’m French and he is Dutch). At one point during a party I heard him speak French so I gathered all my courage and went to talk to him. A few days later we got together and have been together ever since. We’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in September 2020.

Throughout our studies we’ve moved a lot and had to have a long distance relationship for long periods of time between Shanghai and San Francisco, London and Haiti, etc. We have now settled in London and officially moved in together in 2015. But who knows where we’ll be next!

Arthur asked me to marry him in 2018 during a hike to a gorgeous lake during our summer holidays in the Alps. It’s at 2,100m high that I got to say YES.


Tell us about the wedding

We both love the mountains: it’s where we met and where we go for holidays in both summer and winter. It’s where we feel home. This is why it was important for us to have them around like a bit of a witness to our union.

Wedding Wednesday

We both like simple and minimalist things and our decoration needed to reflect this. We decided to go for plain, simple colours with white and green only. The other touches were brought by the wood and other natural materials we had around.

Wedding Wednesday
Wedding Wednesday

We wanted it to be simple, authentic, pastoral and our decorator got the vision perfectly! She even helped us when we told her we were going to design and make skipasses for everyone to find their table with ski resort names. It was crazy but she followed us and it looked great.

Wedding Wednesday
Wedding Wednesday

Everything else was also chosen around this decision: simple, in the details and like us were the key words.

Wedding Wednesday

French weddings are quite different to British weddings I have to say. We have the ceremony mid-afternoon then have a cocktail with finger food, dinner and a party which goes on ‘til the wee hours of the next morning. Ours finished at 5am. It’s also an open bar for the whole night which I think is rare in the UK?

Wedding Wednesday

Then traditionally the bride and her father dance together first before the newly-weds dance together. We decided to take a blended approach here as I danced with Arthur first and then with my dad.


Who was your wedding dress by? Why did you choose it/ makes it special to you?

My wedding dress was designed by Mademoiselle de Guise - she’s a parisian designer which can be found in London at the Mews Bridal in Notting Hill as well.

I’m not going to lie - finding a dress for a February mountain wedding was not easy! I needed to not get a cold when outside yet not be too warm when I was inside.

Everyday, my clothing motto is to be comfortable in what I wear and my wedding dress was not going to be the exception. I looked for something chic while modern, easy to move in and to accessorise.

I loved the fact that it’s a two piece! It’s really unconventional and reminded me a bit of my trip to India. It also meant it was more modular to account for the temperature factor. And it just felt like me.

Mademoiselle de Guise also offered for us to design together a jacket to go with my dress. It was great being a part of the design process and just tailor it for how I wanted my outfit to end up looking like!

I think what I realised is very important is not to go for something that isn’t you. It’s your day, it’s important you feel comfortable on the day and can recognise yourself on your photos.


Which Rachel Simpson shoes did you pick and why?

Funnily enough, my Paloma in forest green were not my first pick! I had managed to find a pair of Jimmy Choos on sales through work. When trying them with my dress and standing in them for 40min, I quickly realised I was not going to last the whole day in them so I had to find another solution…

I had been following Rachel Simpson for a while then and when the Paloma Forest Green were made available in a small size, I jumped at the opportunity.

I was absolutely delighted as it meant I had comfortable, unconventional shoes that matched my future husband’s suit colour. It was meant to be!

On the day, I was so delighted I had made this decision. I wore my shoes from 2pm to 2am and my feet did not hurt. They have seen rain and mud, got absolutely soaked, dried on my feet and somehow still look like new today.

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Tell us about the BEST wedding moment, something that will be unforgettable to you.

It’s really hard to pick only one! It’s cheesy but I think I’d say our ceremony. We got married in a catholic church even though we’re not both baptised. Even since I was a child, I loved looking at the groom’s face when the bride entered and I was delighted to be able to do this with my husband.

Our priest was brazilian which added a bit of exotism and he really catered for all nationalities and beliefs. We really appreciated that.

And given we are both silly, we just had fun and made it a very informal affair. We fist-bumped when we managed to say our vows without crying. And Arthur’s ring wouldn’t get on his finger. It was both a very solemn and warmhearted moment.

What was your first dance song?

Our first dance song was My Baby Just Cares For Me by Nina Simone. The first year we got together for Valentine’s, Arthur had made me a mixtape (USB key in a tape made of paper - how modern!) which was called My Baby Just Cares For Me and included the track. It was a no-brainer this was going to be our wedding song!

What is your Top Tip for wedding planning, what brought everything together?

Before I give any top tip, I feel I have to specify I am an organisation/planning lover…

I think the thing I found the most important was to plan out when I needed to do what and pay who. This meant I was always in touch with what needed to be done and despite some surprises along the way we never ran late for anything.

I had a big spreadsheet with tabs for guests specific information, venues for guests, comparing suppliers offers and prices, budget, and what I needed to bring or do on the day. It saved me!

Another thing I have done which my mum really appreciated was: whenever we picked a supplier, I would add calendar events on the instalments dates with how much had been paid and how much needed to be paid that day. It’s a great way to stay up to date especially when planning a wedding from one country to the other with our families abroad.

 What would your advice be for future brides?

Trust your gut and don’t listen to anyone else (reasonably).

Everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing and how. And they won’t refrain from sharing it.

Pinterest, Instagram and other big social media give us ideas of what a wedding should look like and spoiler - most of the time it won’t look like that. And it’s okay, because it’s not you.

Your wedding needs to look like you! So trust your gut and have a day that shows the world who you are, what you like, and what makes you laugh/have fun. After all, how often do we get to do this on a daily basis?

Thanks so much to Clementine and Arthur for sharing their day with us- what a beautiful wedding. If you would like to share you're wedding with us please email us at, we always love to see your pictures. 

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Credits below:
Photographer: Flavie Nelly Photography
Videographer: Marions Nous dans les Bois
DJ: Dance Police
Ceremony musicians: Two for Folks
Decoration: Majenia
Dress: Mademoiselle de Guise
Hair Accessories: Les Couronnes de Victoire
Bridal Shoes: Rachel Simpson + Superga
Suit: Faubourg Saint Sulpice
Tie: Le Colonel
Groom Shoes: Minelli
Hair: Les Pimprenelles
Make-up: Margot Voisin
Venue: Domaines des Saints Pères, Montagnole, France

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