Wedding Wednesday- Jodi & Jak's Boho Fairytale Wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on July 17 2019

Wedding Wednesday- Jodi & Jak's Boho Fairytale Wedding

Jodi and Jak had been together 8 years before Jak proposed in Spring. A few days later Jak was offered a teaching role in Japan and the couple made their decision to move. Being married would have made the transition a much easier process so they decided to marry before they made the big move. This meant they only had 7 weeks to plan their wedding! 

Did you have a theme for the wedding?

I didn’t have a strict theme for our wedding I just wanted it to represent Jak and I. We wanted our friends and family to look around the room and think “oh that’s so Jodi and Jak”. We are both creative, artistic and into music so we wanted that to come across in the theme. 

My favourite colour is lilac and Jaks is dark purple so it seemed natural to go with a purple theme. I love pastels and baby blue too so that was also a theme throughout. 


As for the location, we decided to get married in the family church which luckily had a date for us to get married before we left for Japan. It happened to be the hottest day of the year too and everything seemed to fall into place perfectly! 

The church had its own florist- a little old lady who had worked there for years. She was so wonderful and helpful. I told her I didn’t mind what flowers I had as long as they had lilacs, purples and Gypsophila. I said I wanted them loose and wild because I’m not a prim and proper girl. The bridesmaids had the same flowers as me just a smaller bunch, to tie our looks together. Lucy (our flower girl) had a small gypsophila bouquet to match her flower crown. I made the flower crown and my own head piece with my friend Karin from Rouge pony.

The song I walked into was “the ice dance” from the film Edward Scissorhands as it’s my favourite scene from the film. The icey blue dresses and blue flowers in the church complimented the song choice too.


What did the bridesmaids wear?

The bridesmaids colours were a very pale blue to match the flowers in the church and to compliment the purples and lilacs.

I actually had no idea what colour to pick for the girls. All my bridesmaids lived very far apart, so I had to guess if our dresses would look nice to together and it wasn’t until the actual wedding day that I saw all the dresses together! I must be mad but it came to together even better than I imagined. 

I must have bought and returned 30 dresses for my maid of honour to try before I found the perfect dress at NEXT. It could be worn in several different ways which I thought was perfect for the girls as they could wear it however they felt comfortable, off the should or covered shoulders for example. I also got little Lucy’s dress from NEXT her mother Sonia was a great help and altered the dress to fit her. Kaylee and her mom Tracey also had to alter her dress as it was a little long for her. I was so pleased with how they just took it upon themselves to sort this for me with no stressing, I realised how lucky I was to have people like that around me. 


Who was your dress designer?

As for my dress I knew I wanted something a little different. I’ve been a model for 10 years and modelled for Rachel Simpson for 5. So by this point I had probably worn and been photographed in over 200 wedding dresses. There was no style of dress that I hadn’t seen myself in. 

I could’ve almost definitely borrowed a dress or found one online. However I always looked forward to the day I would try on a wedding dress and my Mom would be there waiting anxiously behind he curtain for me to show her. 

So more for my mom than myself I wanted that experience. I had a look online and on my Pinterest where I had been saving pictures of wedding dresses for years. I came across Grace Loves Lace. I loved the traditional style mixed with the bohemian natural feel to the dresses. So I booked an appointment and went down to there beautiful showroom in London. When I got there I tried on the dress I had been thinking about but when I came out in it, it just didn’t wow me like I thought it would. I spoke with the lady and we tried on a few more dresses. I told her about me and Jak which is when she realised I was not a traditional bride. She said to me...’we have this dress in oyster’. I tried it on and I just knew it was the one, it was a sort of oyster-lilac tone. I asked her how many of these dresses she sold in the UK and she said none of that colour. When she said that I knew this was my dress, unique was exactly what I was after.

Grace Loves Lace

I was so worried about what my family would think with me not having a traditional dress. I mentioned my worries to Jak and he said “angel when have we ever been normal”. So I bit the bullet and ordered it, it came from Australia and arrived only a couple of days before my wedding day! I really am that crazy. The dress is Florence in Oyster. As for my veil they didn’t have one to match so my mother, aunty and Grandma went to every fabric shop they could to find the perfect colour match and actually made it themselves which was so special to me and I’ll cherish it forever. 

I also wore the coolest leather jacket which was hand painted with 'something blue' on by the amazing Paige Joanna.


Which shoes did you go for?

Now for the best part, my shoes! I have been wearing Rachel Simpson shoes for the past 5 years and there was no way I wasn’t going to wear them on my wedding day. I’d done shoot after shoot in them so I knew they were extremely comfortable and I wouldn’t have painful feet on the best day of my life. 

The other amazing thing was I got to give my bridesmaids these shoes as a gift and they were absolutely over the moon. They had never had such beautiful shoes. 

The Bridesmaids opening their Olivia Grey shoes!

It was a hard choice to make as I had, had so many favourites over the years. 

But honestly your shoes are so important, your feet are what keep you going throughout the day and trust me you do a lot of walking! 

Oliva Mauve Wedding shoes Rachel Simpson

I decided to go with Olivia Mauve for me as it matched the dress perfectly and again Olivia grey for the bridesmaids. I loved the velvet fabric and the sparkle on the back. Oh my goodness they were perfect and I still wear them now a year after my wedding day! 

Olivia Mauve Wedding shoes Rachel Simpson 

Where did you find your inspiration for your wedding styling and venue?

When it came to styling the wedding it pretty much came from my head, Jak was very easy going and trusted me to style it the way I wanted. Although I do have a set design background so it came quite naturally to me. 

We actually came across the venue through a friend of the family. They had a newly renovated barn. When I saw pictures of the barn I cried and knew I had to go and see it. We went down through a Forrest and there it was “the bridal barn”. It was absolutely stunning and we ended up being the very first wedding held there. We were so grateful and lucky to find it! 

I asked my good friend Karin from Rouge Pony to help me pull my ideas together for styling he barn. She was absolutely amazing and helped me with not only my headpiece but also a lot of the table pieces and little touches like the pastel skulls which really set the theme. I couldn’t thank her enough. 


My family and close friends all came to help set up the night before, I couldn’t have done it without them. 

Tell us a bit about your wedding car..

My wedding car was my childhood car, Vintage 2CV Citroen. This car has been in my family from when I was four years old. We went camping with the car, we’ve driven to Scotland in it.

It was even the first car I drove (round a field at 11 years old). It dropped me off at school only to be pointed at laughed at for many years. It’s bought so much happiness to my life so it only felt right to be there on our wedding day. Her name is Chantelle by the way! Oh and one of her wheels fell off on the way to the reception so I had to help fix it wearing my dress- glamorous!


 What was most important to you on the day?

The most important part to us was ensuring that everyone was happy. We weren’t strict with dress codes and we had no seating arrangements. The main thing for us was that everyone felt relaxed and could enjoy the day how they wanted. It was a come in, sit where you like and enjoy the BBQ kind of feel. We wanted everyone to feel like a big family because that’s what it felt like to us. 

The cake was even made by a friend of the family and I said to her, I wanted it to have a home made feel to it. She was so wonderful, she even made a vegan, nut free, gluten free option which went down a treat. I also had a sweet table with personalised biscuits with special dates and names on.


Something really special we did, that I would recommend for every wedding was a scrapbook. We left the Polaroid camera and plenty of film on the table so guests could take photos and leave messages in our scrapbook. This had to be a highlight for us and the next morning we sat in our little cabin reading all the wonderful things people had written for us and looking at the hilarious photographs. I think the guests had fun with it too! 



We didn’t really have a favourite part of the day, the entire day was perfect from start to finish. We both made sure to not rush around and take in every single moment. We’re so proud of what we had put together in such a short space of time. We couldn’t have done it without all the love and support from our friends and family.  

We also wanted to thank Rachel and Katie from Rachel Simpson, for their support throughout the years and helping make our day so special.


 The week after the wedding we moved to Japan which was our honeymoon in itself! However as there is a Disneyland in Tokyo so we went for the weekend and called it our mini moon, it was perfect! 

It’s been a year since we’ve been home and seen everyone but every time we think of our family back in England we think of this amazing day and huge party we had before we left and it brings a smile to our faces. 

Credits: Photographer Chris Harris

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