What are the most comfortable wedding shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 25 2022

What are the most comfortable wedding shoes?


If you've read any of our other blogs you will know by now that we are huge advocates of comfortable wedding shoes. In fact we're fans of comfortable shoes full stop, but comfort is never more important than on your wedding day. But what makes a comfortable wedding shoe and what are the key factors you should look our for when trying to find them?

Here are our top five tips about what makes the most comfortable wedding shoes:

1. Choose natural materials

Arguably the most important factor when it comes to what makes a comfortable wedding shoe is what materials it is made from. Even if a shoe is drop dead incredible to look at, if it's not made from the right fabric your feet really won't like you very much by the end of the big day. 

Whilst satin used to be the traditional material for wedding shoes, because it has no stretch it can be pretty unforgiving so if you don't get the fit right at the start this can cause rubbing or discomfort after a while. For maximum comfort choose natural materials such as leather and suede- not only do they give during wear so they actually become more comfy the more you wear them- they're also naturally breathable and let's face it, no one wants sweaty feet on the big day!

2. Go for a heel height you're used to

It may surprise you but it's not always the case that the lower the heel the more comfy a wedding shoe is, and it's actually a myth that high heels are always uncomfy. It's less to do with the heel height and more to do with how the shoe has been designed. A well designed high heel can be just as comfortable as a mid-height heel if the heel and the shoe have the correct pitch and a well cut pattern.

That said it's important you choose a wedding shoe with a heel height you're used to. So if you never wear high heels, your wedding day might not be the time to opt for a five inch skyscraper! If you do want a bit of height but aren't used to heels, it might be worth opting for a platform as a more comfortable heel option.

3. Remember that straps= support

There's a reason most of our wedding shoes have straps- it's because they give you a bit of additional support when you're wearing them. Whilst we love a good court shoe, an ankle strap or t-bar does give you that added bit of security throughout the day and the reassurance that they're not going to slip at the heel or feel loose at any point. 

Look out for a small piece of elastic holding the buckle in place. Having an elasticated buckle means that the strap will flex a little when you move, stopping it from digging into your foot. A little detail which makes a big difference.

4. It's what's inside that counts

When looking for comfortable wedding shoes, take a look at the inside of the shoe just as much as the outside. What is the lining made from? If you've opted for a leather shoe but with a cheap synthetic lining, that will undo the natural benefits of the upper. That said, there are some really good synthetic linings on the market and you can usually tell the difference by feeling them- if they feel plastic and slippy, breathable they ain't!

Also have a feel inside the shoe where the ball of your foot goes. Contrary to popular belief this area doesn't need loads of padding, but you want to make sure there's a soft material underfoot which isn't too slippy (again, leather wins every time for us!). 

5. Good design= comfortable shoes

Ultimately the most important factor which makes a wedding shoe comfortable is good design. You could have the best materials in the world but if the shoe is designed and made badly it's not going to be comfortable. Brands which focus on design will invest in their product development at every step of the way (pun intended), such as developing well fitting lasts with a good width allowance.

The difference between supreme comfort and a shoe which rubs can be a tiny amendment to a pattern, and a good brand will take the time to perfect each design and make the little changes you can really feel. Invest in a brand with integrity and a passion for what they do and your feet will thank you!

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