What makes a Rachel Simpson shoe so comfortable?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 27 2020

What makes a Rachel Simpson shoe so comfortable?

If you've heard of Rachel Simpson shoes (which hopefully you have as you're reading this), it's highly likely you've heard how comfortable they are. Alongside our unique, slightly vintage style it's what we're most known for. Even self confessed non-heel wearers have been known to gasp in happy surprise when they try on a pair of RS shoes (I love it when that happens, when they're convinced they can't wear heels and I suggest they just try and they're genuinely shocked)! 

Aside from how they look of course, comfort is the singular most important factor for a pair of wedding shoes. You know that feeling at the end of a night out when you can't wait to take your shoes off or can barely walk let alone dance? Yeah, that one. You really don't want that feeling on your wedding day- there's nothing worse than your body wanting to carry on partying but your feet saying no.

And don't fall into the 'what's the point no one sees your shoes' trap. That may well be true, but they will see you hobbling/ crying/ getting dirty feet on the dance floor in a dress which is too long now you're barefoot. In the right shoes they'll see you happy, elegant and rocking that first dance...

So that's why when we design our shoes, a large part of the process is all about comfort. Today I wanted to tell you all the elements which go into a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes as we take a look at the anatomy of our shoes...

What makes a Rachel Simpson shoe so comfortable

There are loads of factors which we have to consider when we design our shoes, and most of them can't be seen by the time they're a finished product. It's easy to take these ingredients for granted, but try on a pair of badly made alternatives and you'll soon feel the difference- it's like decent underwear, you don't always see it but you certainly know it's there from the way it makes you feel and how it shapes your body. Decent underwear, decent shoes- both worth the investment for your wedding day we say!

So let's go toe to heel and tell you about all the different elements which make a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes so undeniably comfortable...

Expertly cut pattern

We spend a lot of time ensuring all of our patterns are cut to fit the foot perfectly- carefully adjusting and re-adjusting numerous samples, sometimes by just a couple of millimetres. It's amazing what this can do, and it can be the difference between a shoe rubbing your feet and being super comfy!

Having the perfect pattern is also an aesthetic thing and we make sure that all our shoes are really flattering on your foot. For example we're really fussy about our peep-toes being just that- a peep of toe. If you make this opening too big it can look clumsy and unflattering on your toes- the right size and it's super elegant! 

High grade leather lining & insole

There's no point spending time creating the perfect pattern only to cut the pieces from a cheap material. It's like most things in life- you get out what you put in, and if you use bad ingredients you get a bad result! We use only high grade natural leathers and suedes, and our glitters and satins are equally good quality. 

All our shoes are lined with soft, high grade leather which not only gives during wear to help mould the shoe to the shape of your foot, but is also breathable. Don't under estimate how important this is- no one wants sweaty feet on their wedding day!

Soft padding

A lot of people ask if we have that 'special, thick padding', and the answer is no. Let me explain why- I know the shoes you mean, where you can see about 6-7mm of padding in the front part of the shoe. Sure, when you put your foot in that will feel great and pillow like, but be careful it hasn't taken some of the natural space and width out of the shoe, meaning that after a while your feet will start to feel a bit tight. This thick padding can also quickly get squashed.

Our shoes have a thin layer of padding between the leather sock and the insole. You can't see it, but it's a natural material which is just as breathable as the leather so it will keep your feet nice and sweat free. It will also bounce back so it feels as comfortable on your tenth wear as it did on your first.

Straps & fastenings

Most of our shoes have some form of strap, whether that's a t-bar or ankle strap. That's not an accident- we know that having some kind of fastening really helps your feel nice and secure in your shoes. We do have some slip ons so there's something for everyone, but we want to make sure that whatever the style, you feel safe and secure from day to night.

We also put a little piece of elastic on all of our buckles- sounds like a small thing but it makes a huge difference. Straps without this are very unforgiving and tend to dig into your ankle when you walk. Having the elastic means there's a bit of movement as you walk, so the buckle strain rather than your ankle!

Wearable heels

Now wearable does not necessarily mean low, although we do have a lot of low heels in our collection. The difference is we design all our shoes to be beautiful and elegant, whether they're flat, mid heel or high heel- gone are the days where low heel meant no style! Most of our shoes range from a 6cm - 8cm heel which is perfect for a wedding as it's high enough to give you a bit of a lift, but low enough to wear all day and night.

We also go a little higher and later this year we'll be launching our brand new flats collection- make sure you're signed up to our VIP list to be the first to see them!

So that's it- is there a lot more to our shoes than you thought? I'd love to hear your comments and answer any questions you have. I'm passionate about the fact that shoes should be comfortable...as you can probably tell!


Rachel x


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