What makes our wedding shoes so comfortable?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on December 02 2020

What makes our wedding shoes so comfortable?


Comfort is the singular most important factor about a pair of wedding shoes. It doesn't matter how beautiful they are if you can't walk in them, or they're hurting your feet a few hours in. Rachel Simpson shoes are known as some of the most comfortable wedding shoes around and that doesn't happen by accident! There are several ingredients which go into our shoes to ensure they're just as comfortable as they are beautiful, so you can wear them all day and night with ease.

1. Perfectly cut patterns

The comfort of a shoe starts with the pattern, which has to be perfectly cut to make sure it fits the foot perfectly. We often create two or three prototypes of every new style, making tiny little change each time until we're 100% happy that it fits perfectly. Our pattern cutters in Spain have been doing it for years so are incredibly highly skilled!

Rachel Simpson comfortable shoes

2. Beautiful high quality materials

Good stuff in, good stuff out- that's why we only use the most beautiful, soft leathers and suedes and high quality fabrics to make our wedding shoes. There are so many different qualities of leather, and it makes a real difference to how comfortable a pair of shoes is. We carefully select ours and you can really feel the difference when you put on a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes! 

Rachel Simpson making of Mimosa

3. Secure straps and comfortable fastenings

Most of our shoes have some kind of strap which is no co-incidence. Whether it's an ankle strap or t-bar, having a strap on your wedding shoes gives you that little bit of extra security. You can adjust them to fit your foot, fasten them up and forget about them all day with no risk of slippage! We add a piece of elastic into all our buckles so they give as you walk too, and your straps don't dig in.

Rachel Simpson Cecelia ivory wedding shoes

4. Wearable heels

It's a common misconception that to be comfortable shoes have to be flat. Obviously flats are super comfy, but so can a high heel be if it's well designed. We carefully select all our heels to make sure they balance perfectly with the front part of the shoe. So whether you want high heel, mid heel or low heel wedding shoes, they don't come more comfortable than a pair of Rachel Simpsons!

5. Soft padding & leather lining

As the saying goes, it's what's inside that counts and that goes for a pair of wedding shoes too! It's no good choosing a beautiful soft leather on the outside and then lining it with an unforgiving, cheap synthetic! All Rachel Simpson shoes are leather lined, with soft padding underfoot which means they naturally give to the shape of your feet as well as allowing them to breathe.

Rachel Simpson Ophelia comfortable wedding shoes

So if you're after a comfortable pair of wedding shoes, give us a try- your feet will thank you.

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