What Makes the Perfect Wedding Shoe?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 30 2018

What Makes the Perfect Wedding Shoe?

People often ask me (Rachel), 'what makes the perfect wedding shoe', and in truth that's not as straight forward a question as you might first think. Of course, there are the obvious attributes which we'd strongly recommend you don't ignore, but then there are the things which are more unique to you, which are equally as important.

So let's go through the practical must haves first:

1. Comfort- Number one and above all else, you have got to be comfortable in your wedding shoes. This may sound obvious, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who push this to the bottom of the list with phrases like 'oh I'll wear them in; they'll be okay; but I love them!'. How many times have you been on a night out, and wished you could go home, not because you were having a naff time but because the thought of taking your shoes off was all to tempting? We rest our case.

2. Wearability- Kind of like comfort, but taking things like heel height, and straps into consideration. A shoe can be comfortable but too high, so make sure you're realistic when you choose your heel height- if you never wear heels, don't suddenly go for five inch stilettos! Similarly, most people prefer a strap, either around the ankle, over the foot or even a t-bar for extra hold, so if you know court shoes have a habit of slipping off, don't do it!

3. Materials- You know when you used to go shopping with your mum, and she'd drive you mad examining clothing labels, only to ruin your potential perfect purchase with the phrase, ' it won't wash well', or, 'it'll be out of shape in a month'? The same goes for shoes- they might look great, but if they're lined with a synthetic leather, or worse still the whole shoe is faux, once you've had them on all day you'll really feel their lack of give and they guaranteed to rub your feet. What your shoes are made of are just as important as how they look- go for leather lining, which allows your foot to breath and moulds to the individual shape of your feet over time.

4. Durability- Traditionally brides went for satin shoes for the big day. But traditionally they got married in church, not in a barn, in a field or on a yacht. They didn't have to worry about heels sinking into muddy grass, or dirt marks from a barn floor ruining their shiny new shoes. Back in the real world, and we'd strongly recommend leather or suede above satin. Often people are scared of these materials, but because they're natural they're a lot easier to clean that unforgiving satin, I mean, how many cows do you see holding umbrellas? Case closed.

So that's that practical things to remember, now for the more touchy feely things to bear in mind when you're choosing your perfect wedding shoes:

1. Desirability- Yep, we believe you should love your shoes. Proper love, not just 'oh they'll do/ they fit/ they're sensible'. Gone are the days when you had three plain ivory court shoes to choose from, and if you were really lucky you'd have the one with a sparkly brooch on the front. Nowadays there are so many wedding shoes to choose from you really don't have any excuse, so take the time to find the ones which make you feel like Cinderella (or Beyonce, whatever works).

2. That little something which makes you go 'WOW- Not very catchy as a sub title we know, but arguably right up there as one of the most important things. When someone asks to see your shoes when you're all dressed up in the most amazing, expensive dress you're probably ever going to wear, how will you feel lifting the hem to reveal...a pair of £20 satin pumps? Exactly. It's not a price thing, it's a design thing- you should look down at your feet and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, a feeling of 'wow, those look amaaaazing...'.

3. Be YOU- Yes you, the one he/she fell in love with. Not the person you think 'A Bride' should be. And this goes for everything, from the day itself, to your dress, right down to your shoes. Don't be traditional if that just isn't you, neither feel you have to stand out from the crowd if your style is naturally classic. Just choose your shoes as you would for any other occasion, but make them special. So coloured shoes, sparkly shoes, blue, green or pink shoes- it really doesn't matter but be comfy in all sense of the world. So when you put them on in the morning, you look down and think 'wow', and then you can get on with marrying the one who makes your tummy flip.

Thanks to all our beautiful RS brides for sharing they gorgeous photos with us :) xx

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