What makes the perfect wedding shoe?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 08 2021

What makes the perfect wedding shoe?


Having been designing and making wedding shoes for over twelve years now, we like to think we know a thing or two about what makes the perfect pair. We've written previous blogs explaining the more practical aspects of this, but today we want to focus on the more emotional considerations- with a bit of practicality thrown in of course!

In truth what makes the perfect wedding shoe is that you absolutely, totally, head over heels LOVE them and that they make you feel super happy when you wear them, so here are five important things to consider when choosing yours:

1. How do they make you feel?

This is possibly the single most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding shoes, and we don't just mean in terms of comfort. Obviously comfort is super, super important and it doesn't matter how amazing a pair of shoes looks if you can't walk in them, but we're talking about more than that. 

The perfect wedding shoes should make you feel like you just want to stare down at your feet all day long when you're wearing them; they should make you want to fist pump every time you open the box. They should make your tummy flip every time you see them peep out from under your dress and you should feel like you're counting the days until they get to walk you down the aisle. 

Simply put, your wedding shoes should make you feel amazing. 

Rachel Simpson Ophelia blush wedding shoes

Ophelia is a shoe you just put on and think, wow

2. Are they YOU?

So you're getting married and that can come with all kinds of expectations on what 'A Bride' should wear- from the dress to the shoes, to the accessories and beyond. In all the excitement and planning it's easy to get carried away with this idea of 'The Bride', but don't forget that it's still YOU. He asked YOU to marry him, and it's YOU he wants to see walking down that aisle, so keep that at the front of your mind and don't be swayed by other people's expectations. 

If you want to wear a flat, wear a flat. If heels are your thing, get the sparkly ones which give you butterflies. Wear trainers or bare feet if you want- just be YOU.

 Rachel Simpson Mimosa ivory wedding shoes

Is Mimosa a little bit of you?

3. What heel height do you find most wearable?

Okay so onto a few more practical considerations now. We mentioned comfort, and a large part of that comes from what heel height (and to a certain extent shape) you go for. There's a common misconception that all high heels are uncomfortable, but if they're designed and made well, from good quality materials that doesn't have to be the case. So don't automatically assume you can't wear heels if you'd like to go a little higher on your big day- the main thing is to try them on and be sure.

That said, many people just feel more comfortable in a lower heel, and that's okay too. Whilst lots of people also like wearing flat wedding shoes, some prefer at least a bit of a heel, and this is where low and mid heels are perfect. They give you a little bit of lift so you carry yourself like you're wearing a heel, but they're not so high that you feel uncomfortable or insecure- the perfect compromise between style and practicality.

The main thing is to be realistic about what heel height you can wear all day and night- weddings can be long, and that's a lot to ask from one pair of shoes, so choose wisely.

Rachel Simpson Rosita ivory low heel wedding shoes

Rosita is the perfect mid-heel you can wear all day and night

 4. What are they made from?

Another factor which makes a hug difference to the comfort of your wedding shoes is the materials they're made from. Whilst different brands may look the same, you'll soon feel the difference once you've been wearing them for a couple of hours. Here at RS we're huge fans of natural materials like leather and suede because they have a natural amount of give in them which means that the more you wear them, the more they shape to your individual foot shape and the more comfortable they become.

Natural materials also allow your feet to breathe, thus avoiding sweaty, slippy feet which is not something you want to be contending with on your big day!

Rachel Simpson Isla leather wedding shoes

Natural materials are great for maximum comfort, like Isla in ivory leather

5. Do you want to wear them again?

Traditionally brides would opt for a once in a lifetime pair of shoes which they would wear on their wedding day and then put them away in the depths of their wardrobe, never to be seen again. There was a trend to frame them so you could keep them on display, which was kind of cute if you have the wall space. Both of these options still work, and if you want to only wear your wedding shoes on the big day then that is fine with us.

Nowadays however many people do think with a slightly more practical, cost-per-wear head and prefer to get a bit more wear out of their wedding shoes. It doesn't make them any less special and it's a lovely way to relive the memories when you wear them again- perhaps for your anniversary, your friends' wedding, a christening or just to go out for a meal and feel amazing. 

If you're in the latter camp you may want to consider which shoes you'd wear the most after the wedding, but all we would say is don't let that influence you too much. Ultimately your wedding shoes' main purpose is to be there for you on the big day- the wearing again is just a rather wonderful (and highly practical) bonus.

Rachel Simpson Gigi gold wedding shoes you can wear again

Metallic shoes like Gigi gold are super versatile for wearing again after the big day

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