What wedding shoes should I wear?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 11 2021

What wedding shoes should I wear?


Today we want to talk you through the different styles of wedding shoes in the collection. When we first launched we were known pretty much solely for our vintage inspired wedding shoes and whilst that still remains a key part of our signature style, nowadays there are many different styles to choose from. So whether you're a vintage bride, a classic bride, a little bit trend led or looking for full on glamour, we hope we've got the perfect pair for you.

Vintage inspired wedding shoes (pictured above)

Let's start with our signature and take a look at some of the true vintage style shoes of the collection. For these, think Art Deco detail, scalloped motifs and a little touch of old fashioned elegance. 

Classic bridal shoes

 Elegant, under stated but with a beautiful twist of something a little bit different- that's the way we do classic wedding shoes here at RS.

Rachel Simpson classic wedding shoes


Glamour and glitter wedding shoes

 If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding, a pair of glitter heels is the way to go. Whether you want gold, quartz or platinum, all our glitters are high quality and multi faceted meaning they catch the light beautifully.

Rachel Simpson glam wedding shoes


Boho bride

For brides going for more of a laid back, boho vibe you'll want a pair of wedding shoes which are effortless to wear. Our flat wedding shoes are just perfect for this and you'll barely know you're wearing them, but they have all the signature RS detailing you'd expect. For heels choose a soft mint or rich forest green.

Rachel Simpson Boho wedding shoes


Not found the perfect pair in this selection? Worry not, there's plenty more to choose from in the RS collection- click here to take a look.

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