What's in a proposal? The meanings behind an engagement...

Rachel Simpson

Posted on February 15 2021

What's in a proposal? The meanings behind an engagement...


So you're engaged- congratulations! The first step towards married life is a truly exciting time, but did you know that your proposal can actually tell you more than you might think about your future life together? According to the wonderful little book 'Fortune-Telling Book for Brides' how, when and where you got engaged can all hold the key to what lies ahead. Superstitions they may be, but we rather like an old wives' tale when it comes to wedding traditions (and if you are too, we can highly recommend this cute little book!), so let's take a look at some of the highlights...

Where you got engaged

It may surprise you to learn that apparently the location of your proposal tells you a lot, whether it was at home, in a fancy restaurant or on a windswept beach. 

Wedding garden

Photo: Sanshine Photography

At Home

Getting married at home (which, let's be honest may be highly likely at the moment!), you will be liked a great deal by friends and acquaintances, and will be exceedingly affectionate with your children. Neither of you are particularly outgoing, but you can certainly be very entertaining in smaller groups- perfect for those micro weddings!

At a Restaurant

If you were lucky enough to get engaged at a restaurant it means you both have expensive and cultured taste! If it was a restaurant you'd been to before, you apparently already have your wealth, or will have soon after the marriage at any rate. If it was a new restaurant to you both, good news- your fortune will come with time- be patient!

Rachel Simpson real wedding

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On the Beach

If you got engaged near the sea (especially at sunset or sunrise) this symbolises the freedom and sense of self you will retain in your marriage. At one point you weren't sure you'd even get married, but now you're ready for the next step- embrace the possibilities with open arms!

Near Trees

If your partner proposed to you under a tree this means you will shelter each other all your lives, and be a grounding influence for one another. If the tree was fruit bearing or a tree with new buds, this symbolises fertility in your marriage, so you can hopefully expect to hear the patter of tiny feet in the future.

Rachel Simpson real wedding

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On the Stairs

Stairs represent decisiveness, so if you got engaged at the top of a set of stairs or on the top floor of a building, this means the marriage is exactly the right decision. Getting engaged on a balcony means that you might both spend time apart during your marriage, but worry not- this absence will only make the heart grow fonder.

How you got engaged

As well as where, the way you got engaged can also tell you a lot about you and your partner's future life together- fascinating right?

Engagement ring

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With a hidden ring

If your engagement ring was hidden in something (like a box of chocolates, or under the pillow), your married life together will be full of excitement and you can expect plenty of happy surprises in the years to come- woop!

In front of friends and family

If you got engaged in front of loved ones (whether IRL or on Zoom of course!), as a couple you will regularly seek the company of others and enjoy plenty of get togethers and a very healthy social life. There's certainly plenty of making up to do after all these lockdowns anyway!

Married couple holding hands

Photo- Nina Gades Bodas 

In a written message

If your partner went a little bit romantic poet on you and wrote the big question down- whether that was in the sand on a beach, as a message in a bottle or simply as a handwritten note- your life together will be unconventional, but you will always be happy. Yay!

On your birthday

Birthday proposals mean that you will always be the most important thing in your partner's heart, and the feeling is most definitely mutual. I mean in theory that should be the case regardless of how you got engaged, but we kinda like this one anyway!

Rachel Simpson real bride

Photo: Jackie & Sascha

If you did the asking

Whether or not it was a leap year (which can be a long wait right?), if you were the one to pop the question it means you are an excellent judge of character and surround yourself with people with strong ideals. It's likely you'll be the one who wears the trousers within your couple..at least to the outside world anyway!

For more fabulous wedding traditions and superstitions, we can highly recommend a look at the Fortune-Telling Book for Brides. It's fairly inexpensive and is a little bit of joy and silliness to get you excited at the start of your wedding planning journey. Happy reading!

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