When should I buy my wedding shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 11 2022

When should I buy my wedding shoes?


With so many decisions to make when you're planning wedding, knowing when to make each one can be a challenge in itself. So when it comes to shoes, just when is the best time to buy your wedding shoes? 

The Perfect Fitting

The ideal time to buy your wedding shoes is in time for your first dress fitting. This is so that the seamstress can adjust the length of your dress accordingly, taking the heel height of your shoes into account. Now although we've said first dress fitting (which is the ideal time), in truth as long as you have your wedding shoes to take with you to your final dress fitting you should be fine. The first fitting is best as it reduces the final adjustments, but it's not the end of the world if you've not got your shoes sorted in time. However if you don't have your shoes for your final fitting, you run the risk of your dress being the wrong length.

Tip- If you've chosen your shoes but not received them in time for your fitting for whatever reason, take a pair of shoes with the same heel height instead. That way you can still have your dress adjusted to the right height ready for your actual wedding shoes.

So what is the correct length for a wedding dress? Although obviously it's personal choice, it's commonly thought to be long enough to cover your shoes (!), but still sit ever so slightly above the floor so you're not tripping over. You might want your shoes to show a little when standing, or you might prefer the dress to sit pretty much floor length. Either way works from a shoe perspective- contrary to popular belief you will still see plenty of your shoes with a full length dress! You'd be surprised how much your shoes will be on show during the day as you walk, dance, sit etc.

Do wedding shoes have a lead time like wedding dresses?

Unlike wedding dresses which can have a lead time of many months, generally speaking wedding shoes will have a much shorter- if any- lead time. Many wedding shoe companies such as ours, hold stock which means they can deliver straight away. If you're ordering a bespoke pair of wedding shoes however this can take several months so you might want to start shopping sooner rather than later, and allow plenty of time for the final pair to be amended should that be necessary. 

Tip- Although many companies hold shoes in stock, once you have found the pair for you it's always best to order them as soon as you can. Whilst companies do their best to keep stock topped up, you never know when a particular shoe might suddenly become really popular and sell out in your size. And having set your heart on a pair the last thing you want is not being able to get them in time.

What if I've already found my shoes and I've not chosen my dress? 

Now you're talking our language! As long as you have your shoes in time for your final dress fitting, there's nothing to say you can't get them super early or even before you've chosen your dress. Although you'll want your shoes to compliment your dress, unless you're going for an exact match- for example with a dyeable satin- you tend to know what you do and don't like shoe wise. Most of our shoes for example are leather and suede, which is more of a tonal match to dresses rather than having to be an exact colour copy. And of course if you're going for a coloured wedding shoe there's absolutely no worry on colour matching to an ivory dress, just as long as the general style goes.

What if I change my mind at the last minute?

A bride is allowed to change her mind and if you suddenly decide that you're not keen on the shoes you've chosen all is not lost. Many companies such as ours, hold stock of their collection so can delivery pretty quickly- usually within a few days. The only thing to remember is that your dress will have been adjusted to fit the height of your shoes, so try to choose a new pair with the same heel height. If you really want to change the height, make sure you contact your wedding dress shop first to see if they can fit you in for another fitting (and remember this might be at an additional cost, so make sure you really love that new pair!).

Tip- There's a common misconception that you should have two pairs of wedding shoes- one for the day and one for the evening. However if you go from a three inch heel to a flip flop, your dress will be too long in the evening and drag on the floor. It's best to choose a shoe which you'll be comfortable in all day and all night, to ensure your dress looks it's best the whole time!

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