When to Buy Your Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 18 2019

When to Buy Your Wedding Shoes

"Oh my goodness I LOVE them!"


"Am I allowed to buy my wedding shoes before I've even found the dress?". 

Sound familiar? It's a scenario we've heard at lot. Someone falls in love with a pair of shoes, either on Instagram or Pinterest, or from seeing them in real life in a bridal shop, but rather than go ahead and get them as they normally would, they pause to find out what the 'done thing' is. Okay, let's back up for a minute. 

Since when did you feel the need to ask permission to buy a pair of shoes? I mean unless you're saving for a house and you're about to use the joint account, if you love a pair of shoes it's usually a good idea to get them. But this has never been more true for your wedding shoes. Before we move on to a more practical guide about when to buy your wedding shoes, let it be known that if you find that perfect pair, the pair that make your tummy flip and your heart beat that little bit faster, buy them. There are no hard and fast rules, the most important thing is that they make you feel amazing, so if you love them, go for it!

Phew, I'm glad that's off my chest. Now to the practical points, like when you need to buy your wedding shoes.

1. Have your shoes ready for your final fitting

On the other end of the buying-shoes-before-dress scenario is the, how-late-can-I-leave-it-to-get-my-shoes situation! The usual time to aim for is somewhere between choosing your dress and having your final fitting. That way you know what kind of shoes will match your dress, and also make sure it's altered to the correct length for the heel height. You need to take your shoes to the bridal shop for your final fitting, so the seamstress can adjust the length of your dress accordingly. If you don't, your dress could end up just that little bit long or little bit short- neither one ideal.

2. Find out when new collections launch and styles are discontinued

It's also worth bearing in mind when shoe companies launch their new collections, and subsequently when they discontinue styles. Here at Rachel Simpson we launch two collections a year- our main Spring Summer collection hits the shelves in February on Valentines Day, and our smaller Autumn Winter collection from around the end of September/ early October. We wish we didn't have to, but we do have to discontinue a certain number of styles each year to make way for the newbies, and these go into our Summer and New Year sales. 

Rachel Simpson Maria gold leather low heel wedding shoes Coco gold leather clutch bag

3. Consider the lead time

Another thing to bear in mind is whether the company you're buying your shoes from hold everything in stock, or whether they have to be ordered in. Some shops hold shoes in stock, others order them in, so make sure you find out in advance and order in plenty of time- we recommend adding a couple of weeks to the leadtime, just to be on the safe side.

At Rachel Simpson we hold everything in stock, so we can deliver your shoes the next day if you need it. However, we can't always predict popular styles or crazy busy times of year, and occasionally we run out of stock for a few weeks so we don't recommend leaving it to the last minute!

 4. Try them on as soon as possible!

 Remember that scene in Cinderella, when the ugly sisters are trying to squeeze their feet into those incredible glass slippers? Don't let that be you the morning of the wedding. Or if you've ever seen your niece or nephew try on your shoes and watched them flip flopping around the room (just me then)? That's not a good look either.

Please try your shoes on as soon as you get them. Sizing does differ between brands, just like clothing, so don't presume your usual size will be perfect. We can't stress enough how important it is to get the right fit, so try them on at different times of the day, check the fit and make sure you feel really confident with the heel height. If they're well made, they shouldn't need to be worn in, but if they're a little snug and you have a wider foot don't forget leather and suede will give a little during wear so you may want to have a little totter.

Rachel Simpson Olivia velvet and silver glitter t-bar wedding shoes

And that's it. The main thing is not too stress and enjoy the experience. Wedding shoe shopping can be almost as fun as wedding dress shopping, so follow your heart and go get that perfect pair!

Why not start now and take a look at our pretty wedding shoes right here..?

Rachel x

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