Where Can I Buy Flat Wedding Shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 13 2020

Where Can I Buy Flat Wedding Shoes?


Ever since I started Rachel Simpson back in 2008, this is a question I’ve been asked a lot. Which in the past has been a bit frustrating at times as we’ve not always had flats in the collection, and I like to try and have a shoe for every bride! That’s no longer an issue of course, with the launch of our gorgeous new range of flats, but we’ll come onto that…

Rachel Simpson Luna gold flat wedding shoes

Of course the question should really be, where can I buy nice flat wedding shoes? For many years it was as if shoe companies thought that just because you didn’t want heels, for some reason you also didn’t want style- go figure! Just because you want flat wedding shoes it doesn’t mean you suddenly want some hideous shoe straight from 1992 now does it?!

It took us a while to get our flats collection just right, but boy are we pleased we did. Rather than try and design a separate collection of flat wedding shoes, all we did was try and create six beautiful new designs which encapsulated all the well loved, signature features of a Rachel Simpson shoe, and just happened to be flat. The result is that we’ve got a flat wedding shoe for every Rachel Simpson bride now- whether you’re a vintage shoe fan, a Mimosa lover, a classic bride or after something a little more glam.

 Rachel Simpson Fern flat wedding shoes

But in answer to the original question, nowadays of course we’re not the only ones selling nice flat wedding shoes. Here are a few of our other favourites, if you must…;)

1. If money was no object, what's not to love about Christian Louboutin's Swarovski encrusted 'Follies' shoes? 

Christian Louboutin Follies flat wedding shoes

2. A classic flat pump from one of Meghan's go to brands, the chic Serpentine sling flat from Aquazzura...

Aquazzura Serpentine ivory wedding slingback flat

3. We're seeing stars with these stunning Starla sandals from Loeffler Randall...

Loeffler Randal Starla gold star sandals

4. Bella Belle have a cute range or embellished flat pumps, like these Daisy Blue points...

Bella Belle flat blue wedding shoes Daisy Blue

Click here to view the full Rachel Simpson wedding flats collection. 

Rachel Simpson flat wedding shoes


Rachel x


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