Where can I buy Rachel Simpson shoes in the US (and other questions)?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on November 18 2019

Where can I buy Rachel Simpson shoes in the US (and other questions)?


It's a question we get a lot, so today I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you, as well as answer a few of the frequently asked questions we get from our US brides. So if you're on the other side of the pond and love our shoes, grab yourselves a coffee and read on...

1. Where can I buy Rachel Simpson shoes?

At the moment we have five stockists in the US, and we're always working to be able to offer our shoes in more stores so keep checking back if there isn't one near you just yet. Click on the name below to take a look at their website:

Silver Moon Chicago

1. Silver Moon, Chicago, Illinois (these guys offer FREE US Shipping too!)

2. BHLDN, online

3. Adorned Bridal, Lincoln, Nebraska

4. Bliss Bridal & Black Tie, Petaluma, California

5. Perfect Details, San Mateo, California (also FREE US Shipping over $150!)

2. How do I convert European and UK sizes to US sizes?

Broadly speaking, to convert US sizes to UK sizes you subtract two. So if you wear a size 7 US, take away two and you'd need a size 5 UK. Going the other way you obviously add two- so if you see a pair of shoes in a UK size 4, add two and they'd be a US size 6- got it?

Rachel Simpson shoes factory

But just to confuse you our shoes are actually sized in European sizes, sorry! In which case it's probably easiest to use our sizing chart, as below- you can also find it in the product details of every shoe on the website. 

Sizing Chart:

35 2  4
36 3 5
37 4  6
38 5 7
39 6  8
40 7 9
41 7.5  9.5
42 8 10
43 9 11 


Although our sizing chart is a great place to start, we do get a lot of feedback from brides in the US to say that our shoes actually come up quite big. So if you're in between sizes we would always recommend going for the smaller of the two sizes. And of course if you're really not sure, just get in touch with your nearest stockist (or us) who will be able to advise on the individual fit of each style.

3. Can you tell me which wedding shoes are best for wide feet?

Of course! The truth is that most of our shoes are suitable for a wider foot as they're made from really good quality leather, with soft leather lining which means they give really well when you wear them. That said we know that some styles naturally fit a little wider than others, so here are our top five for a wide foot:

1. Ada- truly vintage inspired | low heel | full coverage at the front of the foot

Rachel Simpson Ada ivory low heel vintage wedding shoes

2. Mimosa- our all time best seller | supportive t-bar | full coverage

Rachel Simpson Mimosa ivory t-bar wedding shoes

3. Louisa- super comfy platform | soft suede upper | supportive t-bar

Rachel Simpson Louisa platform wedding shoes

4. Isla- full coverage | low heel | supportive t-bar

Rachel Simpson Isla low heel wedding shoes

5. Ginger- no seams or joins | super soft leather | the ultimate dance shoe

Rachel Simpson Ginger 1920s wedding shoes

4. Where are Rachel Simpson shoes made?

We design all our shoes and bags in house here in the UK, but we had to go to Spain to find the perfect factory to make them for us. Our factory is in a place called Elche, in the city of Alicante in South-Eastern Spain. It's a family run factory and we've worked with them for over ten years so they're most definitely a part of Team RS! 

Rachel Simpson shoes factory team

We recently made a film to take you inside the factory- click here to see where the magic happens!

5. How did you get into shoes?

Again, another popular question whenever people find out what I do. I always say it's because with shoes you can be both creative and technical, which fits with my love of both art and design. You can design something really exciting and creative but it needs to be engineered to be a practical product at the end of the day. When I went to university it was either footwear design or mechanical engineering for me, and there was a lot less maths in the shoes! ;)

Rachel Simpson shoe factory

Let me know if you have any more questions for us- just pop a comment below!

Speak soon,

Rachel x

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