Where can I find shoes for my bridesmaids?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 10 2020

Where can I find shoes for my bridesmaids?


There's no doubt that finding shoes for your bridesmaids can be a bit of a minefield. As if finding bridesmaid dresses wasn't enough of a challenge, once you've finally managed that you've then got to find suitable bridesmaid shoes to match- aargh! But don't worry we're here to help so panic not, grab a cup of tea and read on...

Should I buy my bridesmaids' shoes or can they buy their own? This is a question we come across and the answer is, it's totally up to you. Depending on how many you have, some people do still like to treat their bridesmaids and pay for all their accessories including shoes and jewellery. When I got married I did that, although it's a little bit different when you run a bridal shoe company! ;) I then gave them all beautiful jewellery from Laurel Lime as a gift on the morning of the wedding. 

Certainly here in the UK I'd say it's probably a little more common nowadays for bridesmaids to buy their own shoes. Obviously if you want them all to wear designer heels and they don't have the budget this would be a bit unfair, but if you're not overly fussy about what they wear then this is totally reasonable. This also means they can choose shoes they're going to wear again and get the value out of them.

If your bridesmaids are choosing their own shoes we always recommend that you give them a few simple guidelines so you know you're all on the same page. One great way of doing this is to create a Pinterest board of some of your favourite shoe styles and sharing it with them- they can even add their own suggestions and it's a fun but practical way of getting the perfect shoes for you all!

Here are our top three things to consider with your bridal party when choosing bridesmaid shoes...

1. Colour

What colour shoes would you like them to wear? Metallic shoes are a really great choice for bridesmaid shoes because it's much easier to match different brands. Broadly speaking a gold shoe from us will be similar to one from Jimmy Choo or Asos- or at least close enough to work from a distance. If you try and match a colour this can be a little bit more difficult, although not impossible. If you do want to go for a colour, try not to be too matchy matchy and remember that having different shades of the same colour also works beautifully. You could even go for totally mismatched shoes in all different colours- anything really does go!

 Rachel Simpson real bride Jodi Boho Wedding

RS Bride Jodi chose the same shoe in different colours for her and her bridesmaids when she married Jak- click here to see more of their fairytale wedding

2. Heel height

Are your bridesmaids a lot taller than you? Or smaller? Heel height can be a great way of 'evening out' your bridal party a little bit so if you'd rather your super tall friend wore flats or a tiny heel then tell her. Similarly if you want your more petite maid not to be overpowered maybe suggest a mid-high heel, but only if she's comfortable with that of course! Many shoe brands have similar shoes with the same look but on different heel heights, which works really well for bridesmaids shoes. At my wedding my sister wore Ginger, my 16 year old niece wore Candyfloss and my three younger bridesmaids wore our Starlight trainers- all totally different but all on a gold theme which worked perfectly and incorporated their different ages and styles.

Rachel Simpson bridesmaid shoes

I love this photo from RS Bride Jess' wedding to Adam, it perfectly captures how you can mix up your bridesmaid shoes. Click here to see more of their fabulous wedding

3. Style

Now we're not saying you have to be a total control freak here and tell your bridesmaids exactly what kind of shoe you want them to wear! In fact shoes are a perfect way for your bridesmaids to bring out their personality so it's great to let them choose their own. That said you are allowed a bit of input- it is your wedding at the end of the day, so if you'd prefer them all in peep toes or closed toes, or you'd like a more simple shoe or even crazy statement shoes, just let them know. Maybe send them a few images of shoes you like, or as we mentioned before, why not create a Pinterest board and send them the link. I mean who doesn't love a shoe Pinterest board anyway right?

Rachel Simpson real bride Emma bridesmaid shoes

Okay so I know you can't see their shoes but I love this shot of RS bride Emma and her bridesmaids- click here to see her gorgeous wedding to Adam

The main thing to remember when choosing bridesmaid shoes is just to have fun, and try not to be too fussy. Everyone has different tastes and the main thing is that all your bridesmaids are comfortable, confident and happy so they can be there to make you feel the same! :)

Rachel Simpson bridesmaid shoes

I'd love to see photos of you and your bridesmaids and the shoes you went for. If your wedding is coming up and you need a bit of inspiration, you can check out the collection here.


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