Which Bridgerton bride are you?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 21 2021

Which Bridgerton bride are you?


We've become a little bit obsessed with Netflix's Bridgerton lately, and we know we're not the only ones. With our well known love of vintage we're more than a little bit in love with the exquisite (and sometimes deliciously over the top) costumes, not to mention the fabulous array of characters and marriage based plots- just perfect!

So forgive us, Dear Reader, but we couldn't help ourselves and today we wanted to fantasise a little about the RS shoes we think these characters would choose. I mean, we like to think we'd be the shoe brand for them had we been around in 1813 right? And whilst we all wait for weddings to recommence hopefully this will inspire you how to style it like Bridgerton..even if the furthest we can promenade right now is the local Sainsburys...

Daphne Bridgerton (pictured above)

If you want to channel your inner Duchess, we reckon Daphne would opt for a classic wedding shoe like the elegant Gardenia. Set on a sophisticated and practical heel, the petal design gives Gardenia a really feminine feel just perfect for the oh-so-graceful Daphne Bridgerton. She would of course use the matching Mia clutch to hold her handkerchief to deal with any ladylike perspiration caused by the lovely Duke's, erm, affections...

Shoes | Bag | Necklace | Earrings | Evening Gloves | Photo copyright Netflix

Eloise Bridgeton

The reluctant next-in-the-marriage-line-sister, Eloise Bridgerton would definitely want a wedding shoe which was pretty yet practical- none of this overly feminine frippery for her! Amber would be the perfect choice- beautiful enough for a Bridgerton with gorgeous gold detailing on soft blush suede, but being a flat it would still afford her the freedom to run around on her quest to discover the identity of the elusive Lady Whistledown!

Eloise Bridgerton style

Shoes | Evening Gloves | White Feather Pen | Photo copyright Netflix

Penelope Featherington

We've gone for something colourful for the Featherington family's self-assured sister Penelope- I mean, she wouldn't be true to her family if it was ivory now would she? Mimosa mint green is the perfect shoe to match the family colour palette and of course she'd use the matching Mia bag to keep her notes handy (no spoilers here, if you've not yet caught the final episode!).

Penelope Featherington style Bridgerton

Shoes | Bag | Jewellery | Evening Gloves  | Photo copyright Netflix

Lady Violet Bridgerton

For the ultimate mother of the bride, Lady Violet Bridgerton, we've chosen a shoe which is timeless, practical and yet super feminine and pretty. Rosita is the perfect choice and we're sure Lady Violet would love the blush pink colour and the intertwining gold straps. The beautifully versatile colours means she could easily wear her shoes again with a different dress- rather important with all those offspring to marry off!

Lady Violet Bridgerton style

Shoes | Cameo Bracelet | Earrings | Sash | Photo copyright Netflix

Lady Portia Featherington

For perhaps the more formidable mother of the bride in the Bridgerton series, we've chosen something a little bolder. Isadora in rich berry suede seems the perfect style for Lady Portia Featherington, as it makes a statement whilst also perfectly complimenting her slightly more erm, daring colour palette! Of course it also has a matching clutch bag, Iona and when it comes to Lady Portia and accessories, more is most definitely more...

Lady Portia Featherington style Bridgerton

Shoes | Bag | Evening Gloves | Necklace | Photo copyright Netflix

Queen Charlotte

Last up we couldn't resist a little daydream about which Rachel Simpson shoe the Bridgerton Queen herself would wear. We'd like to think she'd go for the flamboyant Venus glitter mule as we can see these being served up for her consideration on a velvet cushion, held aloft by a minion! In reality it's pretty unlikely a monarch of this realm would have her toes on show, so you'll have to forgive our little dream here, we just think she'd rock them, especially with the matching Skye clutch! 

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton style


Shoes | Bag | Necklace | Earrings | Evening Gloves  | Photo copyright Netflix

If you've not yet had the pleasure, you can catch all the Bridgerton episodes on Netflix. We're already counting down to series two..

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