Which heel height should you wear for your wedding?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 17 2020

Which heel height should you wear for your wedding?


Here at Rachel Simpson we talk about heel height a lot. Which is kind of unsurprising as we’re a shoe company, but it’s even more of an important question when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes.

The answer is there is no ideal heel height for wedding shoes, the singular most important thing is that you are comfortable. That’s it. So if you never wear heels in everyday life, don’t suddenly expect to feel at home in a pair of 5 inch stilettos! That said, we know that for some people their wedding is an opportunity to wear a pair of dream heels they wouldn’t usually go for and that’s also okay- the main thing is to get the balance right.

So here are a few things to consider when deciding which heel height to go for when choosing your wedding shoes…

 Consider your dress

Your wedding dress actually plays an important part in deciding on heel height, as some styles might require some kind of heel to allow the fabric to flow. A heel will add a bit of extra height which allows more room for the dress to hang and therefore creates a bit more movement when you walk.

Similarly if your dress is super flowy and made from a fine silk or tulle, you may not want to go for super thin heels which could catch and (heaven forbid!) tear the fabric. If you’ve got more of a boho vibe you might want to consider flats or a low block heel for example.

Wedding Dress Styles

What heels would work best with your style of dress? Illustration credit: June Letters

What shoes do you normally wear?

Take a moment to look in your wardrobe and assess your shoe collection. Is it all sneakers, flats and flip flops? If so then it’s possibly not a good idea to go for a really high heel because your feet won’t be used to wearing height. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear any kind of heel though, just be realistic and maybe go for something no higher than three inches.

Similarly if your wardrobe is a mixture of everyday heels and party shoes, don’t deny yourself that pair of killer heels for your wedding- just be confident that you can walk in them. A wedding is a lot longer than your average night out!

Shoe closet photo

What does your shoe closet look like- this? Us neither! Photo credit: Melissa Saputra on Refinery 29

Does being taller or smaller than your partner bother you?

We couldn’t write a blog about heel height without mentioning this one, as it comes up time and again with our brides. Much as we should always dress for ourselves and not others, it is important to have a think about you and your partner’s heights.

Are you about the same height and don’t want to tower above them in photos? Go for a low heel or flat. It they’re much taller than you and you’d like to even out the height difference a little, maybe go for a slightly higher heel (but be comfortable- see earlier point!). Ultimately though this is a really personal one and just be honest with yourself about how much it bothers you. It’s not an issue in day to day life so don’t make it one for your wedding!

Celebrity height differences

Height difference doesn't bother this lovely lot! Photo credits: Glamour Magazine

At the end of the day don’t stress about heel height too much. If you consider these three simple considerations you can’t go far wrong, and remember that comfort always comes first!


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