Which wedding shoes should I wear?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 15 2022

Which wedding shoes should I wear?


Choosing your wedding shoes can seem like a daunting task but it really doesn't have to be. Ultimately it's about choosing a pair of shoes you absolutely love but- more than perhaps a pair of shoes for a night out- you do need to consider comfort and wearability just as much as how they look. You're likely to wear your wedding shoes for a lot longer than the average night out, so you want to make sure that they're going to be just as comfortable when you put them on in the morning as they are at 2am on the dancefloor.

With a million different styles of wedding shoes to choose from, a good place to start can be thinking about the type of wedding shoe you'd find the most wearable. Get the practicality sorted then you can go into the shoe search armed with what you know you want from your perfect shoes. Think of it like buying a house- you need your list of essential requirements before you start looking, so you don't get completely distracted by things you don't need if it's not got the things you absolutely do.

So today we'll introduce you to some of the main types of wedding shoes available- you'll be an expert in no time. It's also a good idea to look in your wardrobe at the types of shoes you already own- you're still you after all and this can be a great starting point!


Okay so we're going to start with one of our favourite categories- the t-bar wedding shoe. We make no apology of our love for a t-bar (or t-strap if you're from across the pond). T-bars can be low or high (or even flat), open or closed toe but there are factors which remain consistent throughout, and three main reasons why they make great wedding shoes...

1. They're incredibly supportive

The t-bar holds your foot really securely as it holds you in two directions- both across and along the foot. The strap is adjustable so you get a really good fit.

2. They're flattering

T-bars visually elongate your leg so give a super flattering look when you wear them- an added, but important bonus we feel!

3. They have a vintage vibe

The third reason we love a t-bar shoe is that they're reminiscent of a bygone era, which gives them a subtle vintage vibe, and hey- we just love that.

Rachel Simpson t-bar wedding shoes

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No longer reserved purely for the Spring and Summer months, peep-toe wedding shoes are now worn all year round. They're not as open as a sandal and the elegant peep-toe is really flattering, so they're a great choice if you want an open shoe without showing too much toe! Peep-toes can be open or closed at the back, but tend to be closed giving a bit more support than a sandal.

Peep-toes are a great transitional style, somewhere between a sandal and a full shoe which gives them a great versatility, and they can be on a variety of heel heights. Look out for the right shaped 'peep'- too small and it can look strange, too big and it can look clumsy. Our peep-toes have a slightly vintage feel and show just the right amount of toe!

Rachel Simpson peep toe wedding shoes

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Closed toe

Now you might think of closed toes being more of an Autumn Winter choice but that's not necessarily the case- especially with the changeable weather nowadays! Traditionally wedding shoes did tend to be closed toes which gives them a slightly more classic feel even today. There is definitely something classic about a closed toe shoe- there's a reason you rarely (if ever!) see a member of the Royal family sporting an open toe pair of shoes!

That doesn't mean closed toes are boring though- far from it- and they come in all heel heights, shapes and sizes. They can be round, almond, pointed or even square. Go for a closed toe if you want that classic bridal vibe but still incorporate your own style and personality with the design and colour you go for.

 Rachel Simpson closed toe wedding shoes

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Here at Rachel Simpson we’re passionate about comfort and believe that this should come as standard, no matter what the heel height. A long time ago flat wedding shoes were reserved for tall brides (or those who were taller than their groom at any rate), but nowadays wearing flat wedding shoes is much more a style choice than it is a necessity. And how much easier it is now with so much more choice!

If you feel the most comfortable and the most 'you' in flats, there's absolutely no reason why you should wear a pair of heels on your wedding day. Just as with heels, flats come in so many different styles now- open or closed toe, strappy or classic, sparkly or satin- you can find the perfect style to reflect your personality and keep all the comfort.

Rachel Simpson flat wedding shoes

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Block heels

If you want a bit of height but aren't used to wearing a classic heel, a block heel can be the perfect solution. They're not only super stylish (and also rather cool!), they're also incredibly practical and give you extra stability because the surface area of the heel is bigger than that of a classic slim heel. Block heels can be high, mid or low and all offer maximum comfort and a bucket load of style.

If you want stability but aren't 100% sure about a block heel, remember that it's mainly the front of your wedding shoes which people will see (unless of course you're not wearing a full length dress), so they're definitely worth considering if you don't feel confident in a slim heel- all our block heels have just as much RS style as our classic heels.

Rachel Simpson block heel wedding shoes

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