Why Choose a T-Bar Shoe for a Big Occasion?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 20 2019

Why Choose a T-Bar Shoe for a Big Occasion?

It will hardly come as a surprise that here at Rachel Simpson we love a t-bar. There's just something about the shape of them which looks so elegant and takes us back to a bygone era of the twenties and thirties. The thing is that there is actually so much more to a t-bar than simply the way they look- they're also a really practical design, and have a number of features which make them the ideal choice for a big occasion, when you know you're going to be on your feet all day (and night!).

Support Act

If you want a bit of added security from your shoes, we'd always recommend going for a style with a strap- this can be around the ankle, across the foot or a t-bar. With a t-bar however, the pressure is spread across the whole shoe rather than being in one place, so it's highly unlikely the strap will rub. So if you're not a huge heel wearer, a t-bar shoe can be the perfect choice as there's less room for movement between foot and shoe when you walk so they feel really secure.

Also, because the t-bar runs vertically down the centre of your foot as opposed to horizontally, it doesn't matter whether you have a wide or narrow foot, and the part which goes around your ankle is adjustable. So you can simply put your shoes on securely in the morning, and forget about them until you take them off as you climb into bed in the early hours...

Rachel Simpson Ginger silver t-bar vintage wedding shoes

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Now let's be honest, whilst comfort is a priority when choosing your perfect shoes, we'd be lying if we didn't care equally about how they look. I mean, if that wasn't the case we'd all be walking round in Uggs or slippers day in day out right, and nobody wants that! So this is where the good old t-bar has yet another fabulous advantage- its flattering fit.

Just as it's said that horizontal stripes should be avoided to stop things looking wider, the same can be said for single, horizontal strapped shoes. If you're blessed with slightly wider than average ankles for example, you need to be careful that an ankle strap doesn't visually break up the line of your leg and make your legs appear shorter. The beauty of a t-bar is that the vertical centre strap runs down the length of your foot, making your legs appear longer and thus more elegant- I mean, who doesn't want super model legs up to their armpits?

Rachel Simpson Mimosa rose gold t-bar vintage wedding shoes

Vintage Loveliness

Aside from the very practical advantages of the t-bar, we couldn't write this article without acknowledging just how very cute they are. There is something about the classic t-bar silhouette which makes us think of Downtown Abbey, or even Bugsy Malone. Or maybe it's the fact that t-bars were traditionally the 'go to' for children's shoes back in the 1950s which gives us a warming sense of nostalgia. Whatever the reason, our love affair with t-bar shoes is here to stay.

Rachel Simpson Gabriella ivory floral t-bar wedding shoes

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