Why choose blue wedding shoes as your something blue?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 08 2022

Why choose blue wedding shoes as your something blue?


You're probably aware of the old English rhyme which advises a bride about the four things she should wear to bring good luck. These are 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' and it's believed that wearing these four items would bring prosperity on your wedding day. Something old represents continuity, something new brings optimism for the future, borrowed offers borrowed happiness and blue is the colour of love, purity, faithfulness, and modesty.

This may be a somewhat old tradition but it's one which seems to have lasted the test of time, with plenty of modern brides still following it (we love a bit of tradition don't we?). Traditionally a bride's 'something blue' might be a small ribbon bow or piece of fabric stitched into the lining of her dress; a little later on blue lace garters became popular. Not your thing? Don't worry, nowadays there are so many ways you an incorporate something blue into your wedding day, from bridesmaid dresses, to table decoration, jewellery to flowers.

Of course one very popular option for your something blue is to wear blue wear wedding shoes, and as self-confessed fans of a coloured wedding shoe who are we to argue?! There are several reasons why choosing blue wedding shoes is a good idea, here are just a few...

1. They add a pop of colour

Whether you go for dusky blue, royal blue, baby blue, cornflower blue, teal or navy (the list goes on), blue wedding shoes add a stylish pop of colour to your wedding look. Choose a soft baby blue for a subtle hint of colour, right up to a deep royal blue to really make a statement (think Carrie's Manolo Blahnik satin mules in Sex and the City's infamous wedding!). 

Dusky blue low heel wedding shoe

2. You can wear them again

Whilst we love a pair of classic ivory wedding shoes, if you want to be able to wear your shoes again after the big day, going for a colour is arguably going to make that a little easier. Blue is a wonderfully versatile colour which you'll be able to wear time and again, whatever the occasion.

If you're planning on wearing your wedding shoes again we always recommend getting the matching bag when you buy your shoes. Whilst you might not use it on your actual wedding day, you'll definitely want it when you wear your shoes to a special occasion in the future, by which point the bag won't be available (and we all know how hard it can be to find the perfect matching bag after the event!).

Lauren Navy Block Heel Wedding Shoe

3. They're timeless

Although super on trend for weddings, blue is also beautifully timeless, making it the perfect colour for your wedding shoes. It's almost as classic a ivory and is just as versatile as it compliments pretty much any shade of wedding gown. If you go for a shoe you love in a timeless shade of blue, chances are you're going to keep and wear them for years to come and each time you can relive the memories of your magical wedding day- perfect!

Mimosa Powder Blue

Maya Teal Mint Metallic Low Heel Wedding Shoes

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