Why choose leather wedding shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 08 2020

Why choose leather wedding shoes?


Whilst we often think of wedding shoes being satin, there are several reasons you should consider choosing leather shoes for your big day (when we say leather we are of course including suede, which is 100% leather just with a different finish).

1. Comfort

Leather is one of the most comfortable materials to wear on your feet and is why we're been making shoes out of it for hundreds of years. It is a natural material and as such has an in built amount of 'give', which stretches and moulds itself to the shape of your individual feet. So the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become.

As well as the natural give of leather shoes, they're also one of the most comfortable choices because they're breathable. You're on your feet for a long time on your wedding day, so you want them to be able to breathe- after all, no one wants sweaty feet as they walk down the aisle!

Rachel Simpson Giselle leather wedding shoes

2. Practicality

 Leather wedding shoes are easy to clean- fact. Whilst satin is often seen as the traditional choice for wedding shoes, have you ever tried to clean it? Trust us, it's a lot more tricky than leather which, as a natural material is designed to be durable and easy to clean.

Unless you're getting married in a guaranteed sunny location, or there's no way you're going to mark your shoes at all (unlikely!), you want to choose a pair of wedding shoes which you can clean afterwards. Whilst you can clean satin, leather is a lot easier to get back to looking almost as good as new so you can wear your shoes again.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa ivory leather wedding shoes

3. Durability and timeless style

You want your wedding shoes to last both in terms of practical durability and style, and for both of these reasons leather is the perfect choice. There is something classic about a leather shoe- it's a traditional material which gives your shoes a timeless style which will last. It's also incredibly durable so, if stored correctly will last and last for many more special occasions to come.

Rachel Simpson Isadora dusky blue wedding shoes

And timeless doesn't mean boring of course, as these gorgeous leather wedding shoes will prove...

Rachel Simpson mint green wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson Gigi gold wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson Isla ivory leather wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson Mimosa leather wedding shoes 

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